The Fighter's Puzzle Test for Bank PO - July 14, 2016

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here are the puzzle for today of "the fighter's Puzzle Test for Bank PO".

The answers will be discussed by the aspirants at the end of the day.

The fighter, Chitrarth are in-charge of this segment.

Puzzle 1
Seven persons Param, Qureshi, Rahim, Salim, Taman, Utkarsh and Vrat like seven different fruits Apple. Banana, Cherry, Pineapple, Strawberry, Pear and Guava and they went to three hotels among Hyatt, Taj Palace and ITC Maurya. At least two persons went to each hotel and only one person likes each fruit. Param likes Apple but did not go to Hyatt. Qureshi went to ITC Maurya and likes Guava. Rahim and Salim went to the same hotel, but is not ITC Maurya. Only one of Utkarsh and Virat went to Taj Palace. The person who likes Pear went to Taj Palace. Neither Vrat nor Taman went to ITC Maurya. Utkarsh does not like either Banana or Strawberry. The person who likes Pineapple did not go to Taj Palace. Either Rahim or Taman likes Pear. Taman and Utkarsh went to the same hotel, but neither of them likes Cherry. Neither Taman nor Salim likes Strawberry.

Puzzle 2
There are eight friends Mehak. Supriya. Siva. Komal. Simran. Diva. Mira and Sheetal are sitting in a circle. Three of them are facing the centre and rest of them facing outside the centre. Everyone uses different kinds of applications in their mobile phones namely Snapchat. Whatsapp. Twitter. Instagram. LINE. Skype. Viber and Facebook. Mehak is facing the centre and sitting third to the right of Supriya. Siva is facing the centre and sitting fourth to the left of Komal. Simran is facing away from the centre and uses Snapchat. Diva and Mira are neighbors of Siva and use Twitter and Whatsapp respectively. Supriya is facing the centre and uses Instagram. Komal uses LINE and is sitting to the left of Mehak. The person sitting to the immediate right of Supriya does not use LINE or Twitter. The person who is sitting third to the right of Mehak uses Facebook. Simran uses Snapchat. Only Simran sits between the persons who use Whatsapp and Skype.


Puzzle 3
Athletes G. H. I: J. K: L and M are travelling on three different vehicles. “here are at least two athletes in each vehicle — BMW, Mercedes, Lexus — and only one of them is a male, “here are two gymnasts, two swimmers and three runners among them. Further.
(i) I is a lady swimmer and she does not travel with the pair of sisters G and L.
(ii) H. a male gymnast, travels with only M. a runner in BMW.
(iii) J is a male swimmer.
iv) Two athletes from the same sport do not travel in the same vehicle.
(v) G is not a gymnast and travels in Mercedes.


Team ExamPundit