The Fighter's Puzzle Test for Bank PO - July 13, 2016

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here are the puzzle for today of "the fighter's Puzzle Test for Bank PO".

The answers will be discussed by the aspirants at the end of the day.

The fighter, Chitrarth are in-charge of this segment.

Puzzle 1:
A. B, C. D. E. F, G and H are eight boys studying in VIII. IX and X standards of a school with not more than three hi any standard. Each of them has a favourite sport from Football. Cricket. Volleyball. Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis. Badminton and Hockey not necessarily in the same order, D likes Badminton and does not study either in VIII or X. H's favourite sport is Hockey and he studies in standard X with only B among them, A likes Volleyball and does not study in the same standard in which E studies, F studies in VHI std, and his favourite sports is Football, G does not study in the same standard in which C studies. None of the students studying in IX std, likes Cricket or Basketball, B likes Table Tennis. G does not like Lawn Tennis.

Puzzle 2:
There are seven students - Vinay, Vishal Vipul, Vikas Vinamr Vaibhav and Vibhuti in a class. Each of them has liking for a different subject - Economics, Marketing, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Science and Finance. Each student has different marks (not necessarily in the same order). Vipul has secured second highest marks and neither Economics nor Marketing is his favourite subject. Vinamr has secured the least marks and neither Science nor Marketing is his favourite subject. The favouite subject of Vikas is Physics and he has more marks than Vishal and Vibhuti but less than Vinay, The favourite subject of Vishal is Botany and his marks are more than the marks of Vinamr but less than the marks of Vibhuti. The favourite subject of Vinay is Finance. The student, whose favourite subject is chemistry got the highest marks.


Puzzle 3:

In a talent show, eight contestants— Shivika, Veera; Mahima; Shayan; Prateek. Rahul, Charlie and Pulkit are sitting in three rows R1, R2 and R3. And they are in three different categories; dancing, singing or both S and D. In each row at least two and at most three contestants are sitting there. And at least two contestants are in each category but not more than three. Veera and Mahima are in different rows but not in row R2 and both S and D are in the same categories. Pulkit and Charlie are in the same row and in same categories, but not in S and D. Shayan and Prateek are in different rows but not in row R1 and in different categories but not in both S and D. Shivika is in row R2 and Shayan is not in the same row as in Shivika. Both the contestants of row R2 are singers. Rahul is in both S and D category and not in row R1. From three contestants who are in both S and D category, two are in row R3. Rahul and Mahima are in the same row and three of the contestants are in dancing.


Team ExamPundit