The Fighter's Puzzle Test for Bank PO - July 4, 2016

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here are the puzzle for today of "the fighter's Puzzle Test for Bank PO".

The answers will be discussed by the aspirants at the end of the day.

The fighter, Chitrarth are in-charge of this segment.

Puzzle 1:
Poorvika, Purnima, Poonam, Payal. Pallavi, Preeti and Priya are a group of friends travelling in three vehicles Safari, Scorpio and Fortuner. At least two people sit in the same vehicle. There are two Photographer Two Psychiatry and three Artist. Only one male travels in each vehicle. No two persons belonging to the same field travel together. Poonam does not travel with pair of sisters Poorvika and Priya. Purnima, a male photographer travels only with Preeti, an Artist in Safari car. Poorvika is not a photographer and travels in Scorpio car. Poonam is a female psychiatry. Payal is a male psychiatry.

Puzzle 2:
Parry, Qabil, Ronald, Steven, Teresa, Velar and William are sitting in a straight line facing north. Each one of them lives in different floors numbered one to seven Qabil sits fourth to the left of the person living on the 6th floor. Either Qabil or person living on the sixth floor sits at the extreme ends of the line. Only one person sits between Qabil and William. William lives on the third floor. The person living on the first floor sits third to the right of Steven. Steven is not an immediate neighbor of William. Only one person lives between the floor where Teresa lives and the person who lives on the second floor. Parry and Ronald are immediate neighbors of each other. Parry does not live on the sixth floor. One who lives on the fifth floor sits third to the right of one who lives on the topmost floor.


Puzzle 3:
Ankit, Deepa, Harshit Kartik, Mehak, Nikita, Pankaj and Shefali are working in three different departments viz. Finance, Marketing and Human Resource in three different companies viz. Airtel, ITC and Tata Motors. There are three females among them one in each company. There are at least two persons working in each company. People working in same company are working in the same department as well. Harshit is not working in the same company as Deepa and Pankaj. Mehak. a male is working in a company along with Shefali only and both of them are not in the Marketing department. Ankit works in the Human Resource department of Airtel Kartik is sister of Ankit and he is working in Tata Motors. Nikita and Harshit are working in the same company. Pankaj is not in the Marketing department.

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