SBI PO Descriptive - Letter to the editor of a newspaper showing your concern regarding rising e-waste in India

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is the Letter on the topic  "to the editor of a newspaper showing your concern regarding rising e-waste in India" which has been aced by Optimus & Chitrarth.

Type 1:

123, Prime Apartments
Vasant Kunj
New Delhi
19th July 2016

The Editor
Times of India
New Delhi

Subject: Rising e waste in India


I would like to express my views on the rising e-waste in India. As we know new technologies makes our life better, but with the adoption of new gadgets, the older ones becomes obsolete and are discarded eventually. This amounts to the rising electronic waste. India is the fifth largest producer of e-waste generating 18 lakh tonnes of e-waste every year, according to a study.

With the advent of LCD technology, CRT monitors and TVs became obsolete and became part of e-waste. Similarly older phones disused with the rise of smartphones in India. India is the world’s second largest mobile market, there are about 100 crore mobile phones in India, out of which 25% end up in waste annually.

E-waste contains harmful substances like lead, mercury and cadmium which not only pollutes the environment but also causes serious health problems.

The government has notified e-waste management rules in which the producer will have the responsibilities of waste collection. But the problem is that the majority of e-waste is handled by unorganised sector, this will make it difficult for companies to comply with the rules.

The government should implement these rules in a phased manner so that alarming rate of e-waste can be handled effectively.



Type 2:

45-D Bakshi Nagar
Jaipur, Rajastan

Date: 16/07/2016

The Editor
The Times of India
JK tower 3rd floor
Jaipur  56777


      With due respect I would like to draw your attention towards the growing e-waste in India for the past few years. A recent study reveals that India which is the second largest producer of mobile phones in the world also ranks fifth in producing e-waste.

      With more than 100 crore mobile phones in circulation in the current scenario, almost 25% of those end up in e-waste annually. With the advent of technological transformation, people are buying the latest technology electronic gadgets, dumping the old and obsolete ones. With lack of proper recycling facilities these e-waste generate hazardous chemicals and gases which are ultimately carried off in rivers or remain in the atmosphere for long durations thus creating respiratory and other problems to living beings.

       It is crystal clear now, if the environment ministry doesn’t take appropriate steps in curbing the harmful effects of improper recycling and dumping of e waste then we all have to pay its price in the coming future. It is our responsibility also to spread the awareness among people and companies for the proper dumping of e waste at the approved recycling factories.

       I would be grateful if your paper also highlight this alarming situation and make people aware of this.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,


Team ExamPundit