SBI PO Descriptive - Essay - Should Government be more strict about the Processed Food Industry?

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is the essay on "Should Government be more strict about the Processed Food Industry?" which is aced by Ruchi.

It is said that the three basic necessities in the life of an individual are –food, clothing and shelter. Absence of any one of the three will target the normal living of an individual.Of the three food can be considered as most important as it is necessary for sustaining the life of an individual.The food that we consume can be classified broadly as fresh food and processed food.Processed food is the ready-to-eat food and the process by which the raw food materials can be made consumable by human beings is called as food processing.

The market is flooded with processed foods like microwave meals, snacks, peanut butter, Maggi, pasta, cold drinks etc and so our dependence on processed food is increasing because of their easy availability, modernization, less cost and appealing taste better because of added flavors so it becomes really important for us to be sure about the quality of the processed food we consume. But it’s a harsh reality that these processed food may do cause a lot of health concerns. They cause serious health issues like obesity, high blood pressure, kidney and heart diseases also at the same time. The extra sugar in them may also cause diabetes. They are also known to rob essential vitamins and minerals from the food.

Recently we have also come across government banning magi noodles because of presence of lead in it. It is sad that though many of us and the industry knows it well that these food may impose serious health issues but still we are consuming them because of our convenience. But some of them knowing the disadvantages of the same does not mean that all of us might be familiar with the facts. So government should take appropriate steps. The citizens should be made aware of the harmful effects of the processed food through government advertising about the same and government itself should make some tougher policies and stricter laws regarding the same.


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