Mission SSC CGL 2016 - Quiz - Day 8 - Physics - GK

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1. Which of the following is not explained by the wave nature of light?
A) Reflection
B) Refraction
C) Diffraction
D) Compton effect

2. Light has
A) Wave nature
B) Particle nature
C) Dual nature
D) None

3. Velocity of light in a medium depends upon its refractive index in the following way:
A) directly
B) indirectly
C) no relation
D) increases and then decreases

4. If an object travels towards or away from a plane mirror at a certain velocity v , then the image travels towards or away at a velocity ______ with respect to the object.
A) V
B) 2v
C) 4v
D) None

5. The light reflected from moon takes ___seconds to reach earth
A) 499
B) 40
C) 1.28
D) 0.0003x108

6. Which mirror is used in ophthalmoscope?
A) Concave
B) Convex
C) Plane
D) None

7. Twinkling of stars is due to
A) Refraction
B) Reflection
C) Diffraction
D) Total internal reflection

8. Secondary rainbow is formed due to
A) 2 refractions and 1 total internal reflection
B) 2 refractions and 2 total internal reflections
C) 1 refraction and 1 total internal reflection
D) One refraction only

9. Scattering of light is maximum for ____ color
A) Violet
B) Blue
C) Red
D) Yellow

10. Diverging lens is used for
A) Myopia
B) Hypermetropia
C) Prysbopia
D) Astigmatism

11. Rods and Cone cells are responsible for ___ and ___ of light respectively
A) Intensity , colour
B) Colour and intensity
C) Intensity and velocity
D) None

12. Human eye has ______ lens
A) Convex
B) Concave
C) Bifocal
D) Cylindrical

13. Raman effect is related with
A) Scattering of light
B) Reflection of light
C) Diffraction of light
D) Velocity of light

14. Which of the following does not show photo electric effect?
A) Potassium
B) Barium
C) Caesium
D) Rubidium

15.______ compares illuminative power of 2 sources of light
A) Photometer
B) Photonometer
C) Refractometer
D) Tachometer


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