2 Years of Exampundit.in

Hello and welcome to exampunditFirstly, thank you and love you all for suggesting, believing and being a part of exampundit.in. Now if you have 5 minutes, please read the article, you will not regret.

Exactly 2 years ago I posted 3 articles and launched exampundit.in for all. At first, I received a lot of criticism from random strangers. During the first 2 months, I really felt bad. I felt like EP will never going to work out. So much of criticism, so less faith.

There was a time when I used to post 5-6 articles every “WEEK”. There were no regular updates of anything. Not even current affairs were regular.

However, during October, 2014 I started posting on a regular basis even if nobody was active or commenting. The month visitors were so less, that a kid could have easily calculated.

What was wrong? What went wrong at first? Was I not capable?

Well, I am just a regular graduate from Calcutta University in Bachelor of Commerce and honestly, I had no idea about the govt exam sector till February, 2014. So when I created, I was not fully aware or prepared to guide everyone.

I have been blogging since 2008(yes, 8 years of blogging). I had plenty of blogs/sites on cooking, entertainment etc. But that really did not help me 1% in exampundit.

So I myself started learning everything to help the aspirants. From reasoning to quantitative, from GA to Computer. There were some nights when I stayed awake till 3 AM, trying to figure out strategies which will help the aspirants.

Somehow, I started helping, I started posting. Then came the Insurance Exams in January, 2015 when exampundit was finally noticed by many aspirants.

That time I had to make a team to provide proper materials and help everyone. So we started monetizing and started to provide more and more. By the end of April, 2015, there active members like Silent, RK, Dreamer, Sam, Megha, Dixit(yeah she is that old in EP), Sweta, FedEx, Optimus Prime(He is old too), Sayan, Wall-E, Shree and many many more.

Somehow exampundit.in managed to overcome every problem. Somehow, we are still helping you and PROMISE to Help You In the Future.

The point of this article is to tell you, every one of you that NEVER GIVE UP. NO MATTER HOW HARD THE CIRCUMSTANCES ARE.

I am not a so-called “teacher” who teaches in some “center” yet have the knowledge and help you all. So why do you want to give up after 2-3 unsuccessful exams?

You are a champ. If you have dreamt for it. GO FOR IT. No matter who says what, no matter how many times you have to fall down. Get Up and Get it!

Trust me, you can achieve it. Everyone of you inspire Me to WORK MORE and HELP MORE. Because each and everyone of you is a CHAMP. If not today, tomorrow you are going to shine!!