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Monday, June 13, 2016

Mission SSC CGL 2016 - Quiz - Day 4 - English

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is the Fifth Quiz of the 50 Days Mission SSC CGL 2016 series.

Read the followings carefully and answer


Post answers according to the following format(s)
In case the options are ABCD, use the Appropriate Options.

Do Not Rectify anyone.

If you have any doubt regarding any question of the quiz, kindly ask after the quiz is over i.e answers given.


Do Not CHAT here. If you have any query, use today’s Ask The Mentor Page.

At least 7 Attempts for Scores.

Exampundit.in reserves the right to choose winner or give scores.

Questions-1 to 10 – one word substitution
1. A person who tries to deceive people by claiming to be able to do wonderful things
(A) trickster
(B) impostor
(C) magician  
(D) mountebank

2. Official misconduct
(A) malefactor
(B) malfeasance
(C) maltreatment
(D) maladministration

3. Policemen riding on motorcycles as guards of VIP
(A) outriders
(B) servants
(C) commandos
(D) attendants

4. large dark grey cloud that brings rain or snow
(A) blizzard
(B) nimbus
(C) hail
(D) fog

5. A line of animals or slaves fastened or driven along together-
(A) cortege
(B) company
(C) crew
 (D) coffle

6. A person with refined taste in food and wine-
(A) puritan
(B) ascetic
(C) novice
(D) epicure

7. Science of improving the environment :
(A) Euthenics
(B) Optics
(C) Graphemics
(D) Pedagogics

8. Worshipping of idols or images :
(A) Iconoclast
(B) Iconolatry
(C) Iconography
 (D) Ichthyology

9. One who introduces performing artiste on the stage programmes-
(A) Compere
(B) Cynic
(C) Coquette
 (D) Callous

10. Holding together or making sense :
(A) Commensurate
(B) Amorphous
(C) Coherent
(D) Dogmatic

11-15(Idioms and phrases)

11. Anubhav is a man of parts and is respected by all his colleagues.
(A) A weak person
(B) A literary person
(C) A man of qualities
(D) A debatable person

12. A mealy mouthed student is always successful in an interview.
(A) Weak
(B) Soft spoken
(C) abusive
(D) Reserve

13. At christmas, even the elderly fathers paint the town red.
(A) indulge in rioting
(B) paint the houses red
(C) spill red wine
(D) have a lively time

14. To mind one’s P’s and Q’s
(A) To be cautious
(B) To be accurate and precise
(C) To be careful of one’s accounts
(D) To be careful of one’s personality

15. Why do you wish to tread on the toes ?
(A) To give offence to them
(B) To follow them grudgingly
(C) To treat them indifferently
(D) To be kicked by them

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Team ExamPundit

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