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Mission SSC CGL 2016 - Quiz - Day 3 - Chemistry

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is the Third Quiz of the 50 Days Mission SSC CGL 2016 series.

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1.  Which acid is present in wood sorrel?
A)  Tartaric acid
B)  Oxalic acid
C)  Butyric acid
D)  Carbonic acid

2.  Arrhenius theory is only limited to
A)  Aqueous solution of the compound
B)  Solid compound
C)  Gaseous state of compound
D)  All states

3. __________ is used for manufacturing TNT
A)  Hydrochloric acid
B)  Sulphuric acid
C)  Carbonic acid
D)  Nitric acid

4. _______ is used to make dyes and drugs
A)  Sulphuric acid
B)  Nitric acid
C)  Tartaric acid
D)  Oxalic acid

5. Oleum is the common name of
A)  Fuming hydrochloric acid
B)  Fuming sulphuric acid
C)  Fuming nitric acid
D)  None

6. Silver chloride is also known as
A)  Horn silver
B)  Bell silver
C)  Rock silver
D)  None

7. ________ is used for manufacturing glass
A)  Sodium carbonate
B)  Sodium nitrate
C)  Sodium benzoate
D)  Sodium bicarbonate

8. ______ is used in manufacture of rayon
A)  Nitric acid
B)  Hydrochloric acid
C)  Sulphuric acid
D)  None

9. Laughing gas is
A)  Nitrous oxide
B)  Nitric oxide
C)  Nitrogen pentoxide
D)  Nitrogen dioxide

10. Zeolite is chemically
A)  Sodium alumniosilicate
B)  Sodium aluminate
C)  Sodium chloride
D)  Sodium nitrate

11.  Which of the following is a chemical mutagen?
A)  Nitric acid
B)  Sulphuric acid
C)  Hydrochloric acid
D)  Nitrous acid

12. __________ is chemically acetylsalycyclic acid
A)  Aspirin
B)  Boroline
C)  Dettol
D)  Rancid butter

13. __________ is used to soften mineral waters
A)  Zeolite
B)  Horn silver
C)  Oleum
D)  Water gas

14. Why water of crystallization does not wets the salt?
A)  Because it is just a term and not physically present in salt
B)  Because this water is not in Free State
C)  It gets dried quickly
D)  Other reason

15. __________ is used in fire extinguishers
A)  Sodium hydroxide
B)  Sodium bicarbonate
C)  Sodium nitrate
D)  Anhydrous sodium carbonate


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