General Awareness Checklist for UIIC AO 2016

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is the much awaited General Awareness Checklist for UIIC AO 2016. This helps everyone to see the progress in General Awareness. This checklist has also become a ritual for everyone.

Financial Current Affairs from March 22 to June 2nd

Newly launched app/schemes/products by both Banks & Insurance Cos

New tie ups between banks/insurance cos and Start Ups or other companies

Recent Appointments in May(till June 2)

Basic Insurance Terms & Products

Various Schemes launched by Indian States & Central, their Outlay(if any), timeline and launched by whom

Defence News & Satellite Launches during

India’s Rank in Various Indexes & Reports

Name of the organisations who recently released reports & their HQs

Name of Powerplants in News during April to June 2

State Capitals, Symbols, Major Rivers in the states

Important Days from March 1 to June 30

Books & Authors in recent times (Includes those books which received awards)

Sports person in news during May 1 to June 2 – If any major title win, IPL winner/man of the match /player of the tournament and Olympics news

Various Acronyms in news during April – June 2 – Financial & Non-Financial both

GDP prediction by CSO, RBI & Major Institutes i.e. IMF/World Bank

Capitals & Currencies – Especially the countries in news

Recent MoUs, Acquisitions by Companies

Newly appointed CMs and their Consituency(Vidhan Sabha)

Are you ready to give your BEST?


All the best!!!


Team ExamPundit