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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Exam Review - UIIC AO 2016

Hello and welcome to exampunditEven after sharing so many materials with every aspirants, sadly, we received less reviews and very few GA questions. Anyway, the exam had mixed response but no one claimed it easy.

We would like to thank Ruchi, Raven92, Sourav, Robinhood, Domino, Kushagra and all the other members. If your name is not there, understand we forgot to mention.

Exam Review: The exam was quite expected except the General Awareness part. There were plenty of questions came from Old Current Affairs which was highly unexpected. There were also a lot of questions came from financial awareness. On the other hand Reasoning was moderate to easy(for few). The puzzles were easily doable, there were inequalities problems as well as syllogisms. Quantitative Aptitude was more like calculative and moderate. Thankfully, there were no Missing Data DI. However, questions were lengthy at some point. They were not very confusing, but time taking. English was reviewed as Easy to moderate. The comprehension was quite easy for a lot aspirants. The grammatical questions were slightly tough and little confusing for some. The computer was marked as very easy. Overall the object exam was Moderate level, NOT EASY.

The descriptive exam had positive reviews and the provided descriptive e-magazine helped a bunch of aspirants.

The topics were:
  • Insurance claim as your warehouse got damaged - letter
  • Types of insurance and difference between general and life insurance
  • Crop insurance [Was provided in Descriptive]

Average Attempts: The average attempts varied between 116 to 133 [Marks] regardless of any shift, any category.

Trending Topic(s): General Awareness was trending throughout the exam because it was highly unexpected. There were questions from Financial Awareness & Old Current Affairs which literally shocked many of the aspirants.


Post-Exam FAQ(s):
i) I could not save my essay/letter – will that be counted?
- Yes.

ii) I wrote formal letter in informal format, will there be reduction in marks?
- Definitely, because that is the FORMAT you are talking about

iii) What will be the cut-off in UIIC AO?
- You will come to know after result. Till then prepare for SBI PO & Clerk.

Verdict: Although there were a few positive reviews labeling the overall exam as “easy”, the exam was mainly moderate. Anyone have a nice attempt and is sure about them, can prepare for Interview. The questions were lengthy, sometime confusing and the Current Affairs were old. This definitely should be noted down for SBI PO Mains.

The exam is over. Overthinking about it will just spoil your prep for the upcoming exams.

All the best for result. Study smart.

May the Force be with You.


Team ExamPundit

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