English Quiz for SBI Clerk Mains 2016 - Set 8

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is a set of English Quiz for the upcoming SBI Clerk(Junior Associates) Mains 2016.

Read the followings carefully and answer


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Directions (Q. 1–5 ): In the following questions four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase printed in bold. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase and mark it as your answer. If none of the alternatives are correct, mark 5), ie None of these, as your answer.

1. He faced the music for reporting to his boss late.
1) faced pleasure
2) faced reprimand
3) faced opposition
4) faced punishment
5) None of these

2. If we give him this concession, it will be the thin end of the wedge.
1) the least we could do for them
2) the beginning of further concessions
3) inadequate for their needs
5) a compromise on principles
5) None of these

3. Enemy soldiers fell upon the platoon as soon as it crossed the border.
1) attacked
2) happened to see
3) accidentally met
4) overpowered
5) None of these

4. The manager fought tooth and nail to save his firm.
1) with tricks
2) with weapons
3) persistently
4) with corruption
5) None of these

5. The pedestrian had a hair-breadth escape from a street accident.
1) lucky
2) quick
3) easy
4) narrow
5) None of these

Directions (Q. 6–10): Rearrange the following sentences in the proper sequence ìso as to form a meaningful paragraph. Then answer the questions given below them.

(A) A case in point is the programme involving the Sardar Sarovar Dam, which would displace about 2,00,000 people.
(B) Critics decry the fact that a major development institution appears to absorb more capital than it distributes to borrowers.
(C) For all its faults, critics, however, concede that the bank remains a relatively efficient instrument for distribution of development aid money.
(D) One of the key complaints focuses on this nonprofit bank’s recent “profitability”.
(E) Although the lives of millions of people around the globe have been improved by the bank’s activities, it is now under fire.
(F) The bank is also being blamed for large-scale involuntary resettlement to make way for dams and other construction projects.

6. Which of the following will be the FIRST sentence of the paragraph?
1) D 2) B 3) E
4) C 5) A

7. Which of the following will be the FIFTH sentence of the paragraph?
1) C 2) D 3) B
4) A 5) E

8. Which of the following will be the SECOND sentence of the paragraph?
1) E 2) B 3) A
4) F 5) D

9. Which of the following will be the LAST sentence of the paragraph?
1) F 2) B 3) A
4) E 5) C

10. Which of the following will be the FOURTH sentence of the paragraph?
1) A 2) B 3) D

4) F 5) E


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