UIIC AO 2016 - Letter - Letter to editor about Children's Health and Education Issues

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is the Letter to editor about Children's Health and Education Issues from the 3rd Part of UIIC AO 2016 Contest. This letter is aced by Arya Stark.

Arya Stark, 
26, Phulchand Niwas,
NDA Road, Mumbai-400006.
31st May, 2016

The Editor,
The Indian Express,                                                                                                                                               Mumbai-400001

Subject-   Children’s health & education problems in India.
Dear Sir/Ma’am,

      As a child right activist, I am greatly concerned about the children’s development issues. Though the standard of living of our country’s citizens is improving day by day, but we used to see many children begging on the streets daily. It shows that government’s schemes and awareness camps are not yet reach everywhere. Still, many children are facing problems like malnutrition, hunger, etc.  and fighting many diseases without getting any medical help. Lack of sanity and lack of clean drinking water are the main sources to affect the children’s health.

     Along with the health issues, education to every child is another major concern. Today also, there are many children out of the school. In the rural areas, people are not still so concerned about the education and especially girl child’s education. Free basic education programmes have been launched few years ago, but the lack of awareness of the importance of education left the children out of school.  In the cities, the rising cost of education is the biggest worry of the parents.  If the child is not healthy, naturally it is going to affect its other developmental activities. The lack of education later leads to poverty and poverty ultimately goes to degrade the health. And the cycle continues.

     Children are citizens of tomorrow. The healthy and active children are going to become development force to the nation. Only providing food is not the solution, proper food diet containing nutrition, vitamins, proteins, fibre is required. Also, better education is the key to progress of children. Through this letter I want to draw your attention to these issues, so that through this medium we can spread the awareness among the people.

Yours faithfully

Arya Stark



Team ExamPundit