UIIC AO 2016 - Essay - Employment Schemes by Government works as an Insurance - Your Views

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is the 2nd Essay of UIIC AO Descriptive Contest Part 2. The subject of this Essay is Employment Schemes by Government Works as an Insurance - Your Views. Koushik and email id starts with Devil aced it.

Koushik – Employment Schemes by Government works as an Insurance - Your Views
It's been two years for now that our country is facing drought conditions mostly evident in rural areas. As a result of this people fled villages searching for a livelihood in nearby towns and some peasants even committed suicides. This is a worrying development for a country like India that depends mostly on agriculture. In this scenario, it's the responsibility of the government to introduce some policies for the welfare of people in rural areas. The welfare schemes like MGNREGA is one such scheme. MGNREGA works as an insurance for farmers in conditions like this. Increasing working hours, working days, and pay to farmers help them to come out of this crisis. These employment schemes work as an insurance to rural people in normal conditions as well.

Increase in the budgetary allocations to programmes like MGNREGA is needed to insure people in current situation. Our government allocated around 36000 crore rupees in this financial year for MGNREGA.  Timely payment of the wages, increasing number of working days will help the poor financially.  As a result they feel insured.  Other schemes like crop insurance for crop losses will augment such employment programmes. Rather than pursuing approaches for foreign investment, developmental projects abroad, government should focus on providing basic needs to the people of country who are suffering. Employment generation programmes like MGNREGA with proper management, funds, plays vital role in making the poor feel insured and government should take no chances in funding such schemes.


Devil - Employment Schemes by Government works as an Insurance - Your Views
Employment schemes are schemes which benefits the youth of the nation directly.  These schemes do not only ensure the carrier but also proves to be an insurance which covers one's entire family.  These schemes certainly benefit the nation as if the youth will be given the opportunities to prosper the nation will prosper too.   Employment schemes rightly called to be insurance as one can observe that employment schemes not only give one job but also ample opportunities to fulfill one's dreams.  It gives one the space to work not for oneself but if the opportunity arises for the nation too. Throughout our life we observe a Government job does wonders when it comes to fulfill one's family needs.  It ensures the physical requirements which are really needed in today's environment.   

Employment schemes can also does wonders for the ruling Government as well if implemented properly it can help them in the elections and really prove to be source of votes.  As in a country like India where more the 50% of the population is youth.  If the Government takes care of its youth the will take care of them as well. Besides jobs through employment schemes directly relates to the ruling Government which also provides job assurance.  So all and all we can say that employment schemes are directly proportional to the nation’s growth. Therefore Employment schemes are very necessary and proves to an assurance to a nation's growth and insures the youth. 

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