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Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is an Interview Experience of LIC AAO 2016 shared by our own Bahubali.

DATE : 04/05/16
SHIFT : 2nd, 12.30 reporting
(Total 12 candidates in my shift...I was 5th..documents verification started at 2.00 turn came at 4.30pm)

Me : may i come in sir ?
....... : yes come in
(I entered the interview hall..there were 3 members - all males(M1..M2..M3)..near at their 50..)
M1: what's ur roll no. ?
Me :(I remembered.. but due to nervousness.. i forgot..)
Sorry sir.. & told the same..
(I feared..pahle question ne hi le li..aage kya hoga.. :((   )
M1 : introduce urself
Me : introduced
M1 : so ur father is a buisness man.. what sorts of business ?
Me : told
M1: Ooooo...U graduated in 2014. What u have been doing since 2014 ?
Me : sir.. preparing for govt. Jobs..
M1 : in which sector ?
Me : sir in banking & insurance
M1 : it takes huge time na !!! Have u any job now ??
Me : no sir..
M1 : can u specify the reasons..why u were not able to get through ??
Me : told about ibps po/clerk..sidbi AM.. how i scored less in written & suffered by a very less margin.. (he looked happy !!)
M1 : I think u r on the way !! Do u really think written score plays such a major role in one's selection ??
Me : yes is so.. almost in every exam.. written:interview ::80:20/ we have to score sufficiently high in order to be in merit.
M1 : so u r trying to say interview has no role in one's selection?
Me : sir interview has definitely a role in one's selection but upto a certain limit due to less contribution in merit
M1: ok seems u r experienced now... (comment tha ya compliment.. samajh nhi aaya ) gestured M2 to start..
M2: so u r runner up in state level debate competition..what was the topic ?
(mentioned in bio data form..thats why)
Me : was "पाश्चात्य सभ्यता का भारतीय संस्कृति पर बढ़ता प्रभाव"
M2: so u love to debate..?
Me : yes sir.. till it has positive & healthy effects..
M2 : Ok.. I m giving u a topic.. present ur views.. motion is "public companies/sectors are superior than govt. Companies/sectors"
Me: thought for a while.. started wid a brief description.. told About modern infrastructure.. huge capitals..efficient management.. time bound projects.. etc.. then linked it wid recent FDI reforms.. like it is superior thats why govt. Tries to bring more fdi.. & all..
M2: good..very good.. ok which ministry handles issues related to companies ?
Me : sir corporate affairs ministry
M2 : avi kuch changes hue companies kya kar sakti..kya nhi.. kya bolte hain usse ??
Me : (kuch samajh nhi aaya kya bolu).. sir.......companies reforms.......
M2: no no it is an ACT . Do u know when it came ?
Me : sir in 2013( I dont is correct or not ..lekin yaad aa raha tha kuch kuch so 2013 bol diya)
M2 gestured M1.. M1 passes to M3
M3: so u r from Jharkhand.. who was Birsa Munda ?
Me : explained.. like he was a freedom fighter..he encouraged tribals to fight for their rights against british rule.. his role was so important that we remember him as BHAGWAAN Birsa Munda..& in his honour only we have Birsa munda Airport...Birsa munda joo ..Birsa munda stadium etc... in Jharkhand..
M3: hmmm.. (aap q hmmm kar rahe to hmlog use karte hain baat baat pe chat mei )
who is kadia munda ?
Me : sir.. MLA of Khunti .. (after interview.. i realized that i made a mistake.. he was former MLA..not current)
M3: who is chief secretary of Jharkhand ?
Me: told
M3 : ok tell me how many states we have women CM ?
Me : 1. Mamta banerjee... WB
2. vasundhara raje... Rajasthan
3. Jaylalita ... Tamilnadu
M3 : anyone else ??
Me : (tried hard..but failed).. sorry sir.. i m not able to recall ( after that i remembered ... Mahbooba mufti.. j&k)
M3: ok ok.. who is ur state's CM ?
Me : sir.. Raghubar Das
M3: he is 6th or 7th ?
Me : sir..he is 9th CM...
M3: & When was jharkhand formed ?
Me : sir on 15th nov.. 2000
M3: means in approx. 16 years..u have 9 CM.. why it is so ?
Me : told about political conditions in Jharkhand that how in past no parties got separate majority to form govt..thats why they came in alliance..& due to political tussles..some parties withdrew their stake from govt.. & govt. Fell..again & again..
M3 : & what is current situation ?
Me : sir..current situation is highly positive.. we have a strong govt. Under CM Raghubar Das with full majority.. & i believe.. it will complete its 5 year tenure.
M3 gestured M1


M1: So u r a PHYSICS graduate.. right ?
Me : yes sir
M1: what is Archimedes principle ?
Me : told
M1: applications ??
Me : (I forgot.Had to say sorry sir...)
M1 : in manufacturing of boats & all
Me: yes sir..yes sir
(He asked one more principle..but i hadn't heard that name.. so said sorry)
M1 : what is dividend?
Me : told
M1 : & debentures ?
Me : told
M1 : & shares ?
Me : told (sir ek hi baar puch lijiye na..kya baar baar...)
M1: what is the difference b/w shares & debentures ?
Me : told ( isse to po interview k time se ratt raha tha..aaj benefit mila :))))   )
M1 : & whats about ur hobby ?
Me : told
M1: o writing.. what do u write ?
Me : told..
M1: ok .. u may go now..
(I thanked every one..& came out.. approx 15-18 min interview)
I don't know.. whether my interview was good or bad..I tried to manage the questions were at random..aage jo v ho..dekha jayega.. :)
May the force be with me !!!



Wishing you all the best for the result.

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