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Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is an Interview Experience of LIC AAO 2016 shared by our ep follower Unique.

Venue - LIC East Cental Zonal Office, Patna
Disqus Id - Unique, I belong to Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
Qualification- B.Tech (ECE)
One panel of 3 male members.

I am representing the member sitting in the middle as M1, left as M2 , right as M3(aged). Only M1 asked most of the questions. The interview room was a big hall. They were sitting a few distance away from the entrance of the door, most probably to check our wallking posture, I think so…

               M2                                     M1                                  M3


M1 - Asked me Renault is which company of which country? ( As my house is near Renault showroom)
Me- Car, France

Then he asked about my birthplace why it is famous for?
Me - Puri,  It is famous for Jagannath temple and sea beach. A lot of tourists travel to Puri every year.
Then he asked me about the history of Jagannath temple.
Me- I said I don't know the detailed history (may be the turning point of my selection...).....
He said, so u don't know..(negative remark in my view)

M3- What is RTI Act? Why it is there?
Me  - It is an act enacted by parliament offer India giving citizens of India access to records of central and state government.

Then both M2 and M3  trapped me into whole RTI,asked 2 situational questions related to RTI, whose details I didn't know. Simply said sorry sir, I know this much.

M1- Ur father is in R and B. What is it?
Me- Roads and Buildings of Odisha govt.
Then he asked how women are good officers?
Me - Women are equal as men.(.I fumbled...)

M1- How u came here?(Was asking to all girls a compulsory question)
Me- I came with my father.

M1- What about then women empowerment if u came with ur father?
Me- Sir, I was interested to come alone. But my father insisted that he would accompany me as he was worried about my security. But, once I am in job and self-dependent I can convince him that I can travel on my own.

M1- Is this the first time ur out of ur state?
Me- No sir, I visited a ot of places with my family before this.

M1- Whch places have u?
Me- Mysore, Bangalore, Guwahati..(Could not recall all names)

M1- U passed in 2014, what have u been doing for last 2 years?
Me- I have been preparing for banking and insurance exams. Although I qualified in a few written exams and attended interviews, but I could not make it to the final selection list due to low marks in written. And this my 4th interview.
He asked what u think why u r not getting selection? What is the reason??
I repeated my earlier answer..due to low marks in written. also I was struggling in reasoning high level puzzle. Now I have improved a lot in that..

M3 - What is women empowerment?
Me - To raise the social and economic strength of women..Said examples of recently launched women centric schemes like BBBP, Sukanya Samridhi Account. Also a bank especially for women i.e. bharatiya Mahila Bank has been launched..
The he asked the most recent modi govt scheme which is for women?
Me - Stand up India
Then asked what is the loan amount that women can take?
I replied 1 Lakh which was wrong. He was surprised and said it is 1 crore, not 1 lakh.(..So a direct wrong ans I gave)

M1- What is smart city? (This was the only direct ques what I had prepared, thank god..)
Me- Smart city has some basic infrastructure elements like; Adequate water supply, Assured electicity supply, Affordable housing for urban poor...

M1- U skipped the main point..It is SMART city, why?
Me- Sir, Robust IT connectivity and digitisation.
He said, YES.( The only positive reaction from his side during the entire interview)

M1- What is the need of providing house to poor in city?
Me- They live in slum areas.

M1- Tell the name of any 3 famous women head in India from business background.
Me- Indra Nooyi- CEO of pepsico, Arundhati Bhattacharya- Chairman of SBI, Kiran Mazumder Shaw- CMD of Biocon

M3- And in world level?
Me- Angela Merkel- Chancellor of Germany, Christine Lagrade- CMD of IMF

M1- Ur hobby?( A compulsory question for all upon which they were giving stress)
Me- Listening to music and Writing poems in my mother language i.e. in Odia.
Then attack on me started.

M1- Which type of songs u like to listen?
Me- Soft hindi bollywood songs, also albums, ghazals..

M1- What is the difference between classical music and modern music?
I was totally blank and said sorry sir, I don't know.
He said it is ur hobby still u don't know about this..( Another negative remark)

M1- Who is ur favourite singer?
Me- Arijit Singh


M1- How many poems u have written?
Me- Sir, I just write it simply in my free time for myself...(.. I have not counted but it is within 10..)
But he again he repeated the same question..(what I said I forgot..)

M1- What things r done in LIC and Banks' branches?
Me-( I was out of my mind)..Simply said the word,Customer interaction.
He was not satisfied and explained to me that depositing money, withdrawal of money takes place..So u go to bank for this purpose..

M1- Have u ever gone to a bank branch?
Me- Yes sir, I have my savings a/c in Andhra Bank.

M2- What is the strength of Indian economy now?
Me -Our Youth,the young generation.
He agreed with me, but still needed some more from me..I told modi govt's various schemes, Startup, RBI's monetary policy, Modi is an active PM.....but he denied and told me no need to go towards govt, say in economics point of view, which I thought for moments but finally coul not tell anything more...
M2- Then what is the weakness and problems of Indian econmomy?
Me- inflation..( Again blank, Actually nothing came to my mind, may be bank npa problem and unemployment I could have told)
So listening to my ans to this Indian economy ques, he became irritated and said ok leave it...
I might have forgotten to write here a few more questions they asked..I feel now, I hardly spoke anything during this 15-20 minutes interaction.....Still, I have given my part, rest is in God's hands...pls frnds pray for me..

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