Financial Current Affairs Quiz - May, 2016 - Set 4

Hello and welcome to exampunditHere is the  fourth set of Financial Current Affairs Questions for the upcoming Bank Exams. These are based on the Current Affairs from May, 2016. The topics include, news related to finance, industry, MoU, investments, reports related to economy and all the financial awareness.

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1. In HDFC launched SmartUp, enhanced transaction limit with no minimum balance requirement for ______________.
1) first 3 months
2) first 6 months
3) first year
4) first 2 years
5) first 9 months

2. How much amount of Credit Line did Exim Bank approve for Iran’s Chabahar Port?
1) USD 150 million
2) USD 100 million
3) USD 300 million
4) USD 1 billion
5) USD 500 million

3. The government recently constituted a five member committee headed by NK Singh to comprehensively review and give recommendations on the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) roadmap for the future. Who is NK Singh?
1) Former Revenue & Expenditure Secretary
2) Former Comptroller and Auditor General of India
3) Incumbent Economic Affairs Secretary
4) Former RBI Deputy Governor
5) Both 1 and 4

4. With which of the following state transport department did Maruti Suzuki recently sign a MoU for a new Institute of Driving & Traffic Research?
1) Uttar Pradesh
2) Madhya Pradesh
3) Jharkhand
4) Telangana
5) Chhattisgarh

5. Who was recently appointed as Principle Adviser for social sector in NITI Aayog?
1) Ratan P Watal
2) Gajender Sharma
3) Ajay Tyagi
4) Naresh Kumar Golani
5) K. L. Prasad


6. SEBI recently tightened P-Notes norms. Which of the following statements is/are true about P-Notes?
A) Money Laundering is easy with P-Notes
B) P-Notes are issued by Indian Companies
C) P-Notes Investment is Anonymous
1) Only A
2) Only B
3) Both A and B
4) Both A and C
5) All of them

7. Which online portal recently formed a partnership with Development Commissioner Handloom of the Union Ministry of Textiles under which it will educate, train and enable cooperatives and weavers to directly sell their products on the online portal?
1) Amazon
2) Flipkart
3) eBay
4) ShopClues
5) IndiaMart

8. With which country did India recently sign a protocol to amend an existing double taxation avoidance treaty?
1) New Zealand
2) Slovenia
3) Bulgaria
4) Serbia
5) Iran

9. Parli Thermal Power Station is located in which state?
1) Maharashtra
2) Madhya Pradesh
3) Chattisgarh
4) Uttar Pradesh
5) Bihar

10. Apple recently announced to establish iOS App Design and Development Accelerator in which city?
1) Hyderabad
2) Mumbai
3) Chennai
4) Bengaluru
5) Ahmedabad


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