Failure is not the End

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You are not in competition with anyone in this world. You are in competition with a person you were yesterday, you are today and you will be tomorrow. Your life is not any competition. Your life is a beautiful journey where you feel many emotions, where you learn lessons and where you experience something new every day.

Each day, each minute and each second of your life is precious. Unfortunately we waste it and we don't even realise it, we realise this when we fail. Failure is not the end of life. Failure is nothing just the result of your performance. And one result can never make or ruin your life. Life is more than that. You need to understand this that life is about living and not merely surviving. You need to understand this that you won't get this life again and this life of yours isn't that cruel as you think it is. It's good when something you wish for happens, but it's even better when it doesn't. Because after that you start taking things seriously, you start to make your goals after the failure. And it only means that this is the wish of God that you should again get up and start walking.

Don't let one failure or one bad performance ruin your beautiful life. Smile, because you experienced something very important which only will make your life beautiful. Your marks and grades will not affect this life. What really matters is that we should smile, we should laugh and we should move on but with determined goals. You are the creator of this life and only you have powers to destroy it. God is within you. Close your eyes for a while, take deep breathes and simply smile. Smile remembering the times when you were happy and sad both. Smile remembering memories. You don't need to take life so seriously that you fail to feel that you are breathing.

You need to have sparkling eyes saying, "Yes, it was my life and they were all my decisions and I was happy with whatever I did and I will be happy no matter what happens”.  Love People and love yourself. Be good with other people and you will be simply best of yourself. Your life is just good. :)


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