Descriptive Questions in OICL and NICL AO 2015

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here are the Descriptive Questions asked in OICL and NICL AO 2015. We are reposting them as the topics might help you in upcoming UIIC AO 2016.

  1. ULIP
  2. Portability in Insurance Policy,
  3. Net neutrality
  4. Renter's insurance
  5. Should railways privatised?
  6. Liability Insurance

  1. 4 P's of marketing
  2. Medical condition of rural area related report


  1. Forecasting of Business mechanism qualitative and quantitative forecasting
  2. Economic integration

Essays in NICL AO 2015-

  1. Problems faced by insurance companies
  2. Mortgage insurance
  3. Health insurance
  4. Shall Abortion be covered in Insurance? - Essay
  5. Views on Pet Insurance - Essay
  6. Unemployment in Insurance - Essay
  7. Insurance for disabled - Essay

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