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Computer Knowledge Quiz for NABARD Assistant Manager 2016 - Set 6

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Computer Knowledge Quiz for NABARD Assistant Manager 2016.


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1. ____ gives a computer its unique address across the network.
1) System Address
3) Process ID
4) IP Address
5) CPU Address

2. A database management system based on the concept of ownership:
1) Network topology
2) Network layer
3) Network database system
4) Network license system
5) None of the above

3. Which functional component of a computer is responsible for the computing?
1) Input
2) Output
3) CPU
4) Memory
5) Storage

4. Which of the following computer terms is used to describe the number of bits that a CPU accessed at one time?
1) Nibble
2) Word
3) Byte
4) Character
5) Bit

5. What characteristic of RAM memory makes it not suitable for permanent storage?
1) Too slow
2) Unreliable
3) It is volatile
4) Too bulky
5) All the above

6. COBOL is used in____ applications.
1) commercial
2) scientific
3) space
4) mathematical
5) Algorithms

7. What altering of data so that it is NOT usable unless the changes are done is called?
1) Biometrics
2) Compression
3) Encryption
4) Ergonomics
5) None of these

8. What is the shortcut for 'find and replace' dialogue box?
1) Ctrl + F
2) Ctrl + R
3) Ctrl + H
4) Ctrl + M
5) Ctrl + D

9. Search menu is available at which of the following buttons?
1) End
2) Start
3) Turn off
4) Restart
5) Reboot

10. Which of the following is a section of the CPU that is responsible for performing mathematical operations?
1) Memory
2) Register Unit
3) Control Unit
4) ALU
5) CPU


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