5 Important Tips for Letter Writing in UIIC AO and SBI PO Descriptive 2016

Hello and welcome to exampundit. We earlier provided 5 Important tips for Essay Writing, which was highly appreciated. So we decided to provide 5 Important tips for Letter Writing in Bank and Insurance Exam Descriptive Part.

1.  Every letter must have a well organised paragraph format. One, opening paragraph which includes Introduction, another Paragraph having the information/problem which you want to state. Third paragraph should have the outcome you are expecting. Finally, a small conclusion which should be polite.

2. Use proper grammars. Using wrong grammars can change the whole meaning. So proper grammar is very necessary.

3. Don’t use contradictions. For example, write “I am” not “I’m”.


4. Punctuation is very necessary. As said in the 2nd point, similarly wrong punctuation can easily ruin the sentence.

5. Make a list of points you will mention and give yourself one or two minute to think about the subject.

Here are the formats:

For those who missed it, the Article on Essay can be accessed - From Here -.


Team ExamPundit