5 Important Tips for Essay Writing - UIIC AO 2016

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here are 5 Important Tips for Essay Writing. These will help you to score maximum in the upcoming UIIC Administrative Officers Exam 2016.

1. Do not Use Big Sentences! It really reduces the impression. For eg. our Author title has this sentence "The website is the ideal portal for Current Affairs, Banking Quiz, Reasoning and Other Quizzes and Impromptu news of IBPS, SSC, SBI, RBI and All Govt Exams." It is lengthy but suitable for a website not your Essay. So the sentences should be precise but not incomplete.

2. Not Too Big Paragraph Not Too Short Paragraphs. You must write the essay in paragraphs but the paragraphs should neither be too big nor too small. A perfect medium length paragraph is always appealing and scoring. For eg. This post has several medium length paragraphs. 

3. NEVER number your paragraphs. Like we are numbering each points, you should NEVER do that! Once you number, Boom!! Gone!! Your chances!

4. Only ONE Conclusion. If your essay has more than one Conclusion, the marks will fall down unexpectedly. One Conclusion at the end shall have everything you need to convey. If you don't have any conclusion, your essay is incomplete and your marks are gone!

5. Punctuation, Spelling, Capitalisation and Grammar Accuracy is needed. The essay shall have NO Punctuation, Spelling or Capitalisation Error. Do Not Write, like We are writing.

"You should be writing like this. Exactly like this will help you to score more."

We will be sharing tips on Letters too!!

Till then, work smart!!


Team ExamPundit