Why You Should go for SBI Junior Associates(Clerk) 2016

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditYesterday SBI Released its Clerical Grade Recruitment Notification as Junior Associates in Customer Support and Sales in SBI.

Aspirants(not everyone) were happy till they saw the post name and number of vacancies.

The most common claims were,
1. This is a BPO Job
2. Why so many vacancies?
3. Its not SBI Clerk Exam
4. This is a Sales Job
5. We have to go door to door

Firstly we will explain the above claims and statements then we will give you 3 reasons to go for this.

Claims –

1. This is a BPO Job – May be you need to make a few calls. That does not make it a Call Center job. Moreover, this is SBI – the bank where everyone wants to work.

2. Why so many vacancies? – a) New Branches being set up, b) Clerical Grade vacancies came after 2 years.

3. Its not SBI Clerk Exam – Its clearly mentioned that it is a clerical grade position. However, job role is bit different.

4. This is a Sales Job – They have mentioned about sales and marketing but they have not mentioned any TARGET. Again, it is SBI not ABC Pvt Bank.

5. We have to go door to door – Do you really think you have to go to every doorstep asking for new account? Loans? Cards? SBI would have outsourced the project. They would not have issued a notification to hire 10000+ people. You may do CAMPAIGN but not door-to-door.

Now, enough with the silly statements!! Now let us give you 3 reasons why should you go for this job.

1. There are NO NEW Notification which is better than SBI. There is no PO exam in the coming weeks, there is no other clerk exams. Most importantly this is NOT a Private Bank job. We have witnessed people going for LVB Clerk. Then why not SBI Clerk or SBI Junior Associates? Just because it says customer support? Or just because it has that scary word “sales” in it?

2. You will not get another recruitment notification having 10000+ vacancies. It is an elite PSU bank notification having 10000+ vacancies. What more do you want?

3. Exam pattern is totally new. This new pattern can be in every exam this year. So, going for this job will definitely give you a heads up regarding the new pattern.

In short, this is a SBI Clerical Job not a Pvt. Job. So no matter who says what, if you are eligible and appear for clerical exams, GO FOR IT. You never know what is there tomorrow. 

So don’t waste any opportunities.


Team ExamPundit