SBI Junior Associates 2016 - FAQs

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here are some Important Questions everyone asking about SBI Junior Associates 2016.

1.  Is SBI Junior Associate and SBI Clerk same?
2.  Is SBI Junior Associates is a Door–To–Door Job?
       Just because it has the word “outside” in it does not mean you will be going door to door for sales. Have you ever seen anyone from SBI roaming in your locality to sell product?
3.  They said “The new recruits must have flair for marketing and will be required to make customer calls and provide banking services, advisory services and cross sell products etc. inside and outside Bank premises.”, does this mean I have to do marketing?
       Remember the time SBI Clerk had Marketing Knowledge and people were so okay with it?
4.  What are the chances of promotion in SBI Junior Associates?
       According to sources, after 4 years you are eligible to sit for an exam which will promote you to the level of Scale 1 officers.
5.  Will they transfer me every now and then?
       According to our sources, there will be no transfer till 5 years.
6.  What is General and Financial Awareness?
       Its same as GA with Banking Awareness except it may have non–banking financial questions too.
7.  How to prepare for mains?
       After you successfully clear prelims, you will be given a study plan.
8.  How to prepare for prelims?
       A plan will be provided within a few days.
9.  How to tackle the new allotted time schedule?
       Right after the prelims we will discuss.


Team ExamPundit