How to Start Preparing for LIC AAO 2016 Interview

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditSo, LIC AAO has reactivated the link to reprint your application once again. Now, how should you start preparing for LIC AAO 2016?

Well first things first, what will you get from us?
1) Materials – Mostly Articles
2) Live Sessions – Next Week 2 sessions
3) Positive Energy by Motivation

Now, how to start preparing for LIC AAO Interviews? To be honest, you, yourself can only find out your weaknesses and strengths. So, what you should do is draw your Strength and Weakness and then analyze them thoroughly. There can be different types of weaknesses or strength for every individual.

You have to start the preparation by studying the following topics
1) Your academic study materials
2) Current Affairs Topics – Major Financial and India related
3) Banking/Financial Awareness
4) A handful of Insurance Related Questions

Do not expect Insurance Related question that much just because it is an Insurance AAO interview. To be on the safe side, read a few.

We will announce the date of Live Session for LIC AAO Interview this coming week.


Team ExamPundit