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Friday, April 15, 2016

How to Prepare for SBI Clerk 2016 with FREE MOCK TEST

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditSo, here we go, the most awaited article from exampundit in the recent times.

How to prepare for SBI Junior Associates(Clerk) 2016? What to study for the SBI Junior Associates(Clerk) 2016 prelims exam?

Everything will be answered in this article.

So, Lets! Get!! Started!!!

Firstly, How much should you be studying for SBI Junior Associates(Clerk) 2016 Preliminary Exam?

Honestly, if you are dedicated and focused, your 3 hours a day will be more than sufficient. If you are working somewhere and cannot study in the morning, then don’t pressurize yourself. Study at night, studying during any break, but remember to study with full focus and dedication.

There is no minimum or maximum numbers of Mocks you must give to qualify. You just have to have confidence.
You can give one mock test per day or 2 a week, but as said previously, when you are giving, be dedicated.

What to study for SBI Junior Associates(Clerk) 2016 Preliminary Exam?

Now, the most important thing about the prelims is that it tests your time management skills. Its all about solving the 100 questions in 60 minutes or less.

1. Reasoning – The reasoning test will have 35 questions carrying 35 marks and it is expected to be easy to moderate level. Prepare seating arrangements and puzzles a lot. The puzzles can consume a lot of time and can be tricky. So make sure you have prepared it to solve as fast as possible. On the other basic to moderate syllogisms are expected. But no matter what, time management will be very crucial. Blood relations, direction tests, input-output(may be), coding-decoding are very important for the prelims exam.
2. Quantitative Aptitude – Quantitative Aptitude most likely to be moderate to standard level. The questions can be tricky. Lengthy questions are not expected in large amount but you should always prepare for it. Data Interpretation based on Table, Graph are very important. It can take a lot of time if you are not good in calculations. The series based questions, simplifications are expected to be of normal level. However, if you take too much time for any question, it will definitely create problem.

3. English – English is expected to moderate to standard level. Reading Comprehension will decide a lot in the English section. So make sure you are practicing reading. On the other hand, grammar will play a crucial role as it can confuse you to a great extent. We already shared how to improve your grammar, and will share another article on vocabulary.

Your time management strategy will boost your confidence as well as your marks.

From where to prepare?


The mock tests will definitely provide you how much you have improvised and how much you need to for the upcoming exam.


Team ExamPundit


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