How to Improve English for Govt Exams - Improve Vocabulary

Hello and welcome to ExampunditSo, last week we shared the 4th Article of the How to Improve English for Govt exam series. We discussed on Sentence Error Corrections. Today we will give you 7 simple yet effective ways to improve your vocabulary.

So, lets get started!
1. Spend 30 minutes every day reading a newspaper or a weekly newsmagazine:
There are dozens of good newspapers available around us and if we utilize them in a proper way, we can be benefitted in many ways. Newspaper reading is a GOOD habit. When you read a newspaper, you come to know about events, words, how to write an article, everything.
You can easily utilize your newspaper to increase your vocabulary. Read newspaper everyday for 30 minutes, just to find out new words. You can also use magazines such as Outlook, Business Today and Business India. When you find a new word, first circle it, then note it down. In this way you will have plenty of new words everyday.
2. Browse a dictionary:
When you note down words from Magazine and newspapers, make sure you use a dictionary to find the meaning of each words. In this way, you will be able to increase your vocabulary. On the other hand, after finding the meaning, you can always just browse the dictionary for more words. When you find a word in dictionary, sometimes, the definition has another word. So, when you browse through the dictionary, you will definitely increase your vocabulary rapidly.
3. Learn the origins of words:
Another way to utilize your dictionary is to find the origins of the words you have learnt. Because when you learn the origins of a word, it will be easier for you to remember.
Lets take an example of the word VOCABULARY,
Vocabulary originated from Latin word vocabulum or from medieval Latin word vocabularius which means a list of words with definitions or translations.
When you will find the origins and learn, it will be more fun to learn new words everyday.


4. Use context clues to try to determine the meanings of words:
When you note down the words or learn the words, always see in which context the word has been used. Is there any other way to use it. Its always fun when you are curious. So let that curiosity help you to learn new words. This process will definitely help you to implement your words.
5. Set a specific goal:
Have a goal. A life without a goal, is not a life. Have a target of words which you will learn in a week. In this way, you will have a discipline while learning. Have a target of 50 words for a week. Then gradually increase it to 55, 60, 65…depending on your ability to learn.
You may not be able to have thesaurus like vocabulary stock, but you will definitely learn more than you thought you could.
6. Do Crossword puzzles:
Once you advance your vocabulary, when you feel confidence about the words you have learnt. Try doing crossword puzzles. You can easily get crosswords in newspapers. Whatever your score is, write it down along with the new words. Next time, try to beat your own score. You can even challenge your friends to make the process more interesting.
7. Implement the words and repeat:
Perhaps the most important point of this article. No matter how many words you learn, if you don’t implement them in sentences, you will not be able to remember. It is the most important factor. Whenever you learn a word, use it in a sentence by yourself. Use it on a regular basis. Shuffle the similar words in the sentences. Use them to memorize.
And that’s all! You have to learn. Nobody cannot spoon-feed you anything. There are no shortcuts in English. You can make funny shortcuts but they won’t let you implement the words in other sentences or learnt the context.
This article for serious aspirants. Because vocabulary will help you throughout your life.
All the best.


Team ExamPundit