How to Improve English for Govt Exams? - Grammar

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditEnglish Grammar is something which you cannot ace in a day or week or even month. You have to keep yourself in touch. You have to keep yourself updated on a regular basis.

So what are the ways to improve English Grammar for Bank/Govt exams?

1. Read & Analyse: You either have internet or you have newspapers or both of them. Then why don't you utilise it in a proper manner?

Newspaper articles, especially, the editorials have great grammar, vocabulary and well composed sentences. So if you go through them, you can learn a new thing everyday. Moreover the articles will help you in Interviews, Current Affairs.

2. Note Down: When you see some phrase, idioms, good words in any article. You should always jolt it down. In this way you will learn new words, new phrases and also how to implement them in various sentences.

3. Speak & Write: Your ability to speak and write will surely showcase your grammar. So, you should start speaking and writing more often. Gather news regarding any topic, write an article and get your article checked by us or someone who you think can analyse. As soon as they correct you, point out your mistakes, you note them down. So next time you can keep an eye and improvise.

On the other hand, while you chat with you buddies, use proper sentences(like this article) and chat in English. This will not only benefit you, but will benefit your friends too.

4. Play & Learn: Many of the aspirants own a smartphone. Those who does, can also go to Play Store and download games on Grammar. You will learn while trying to score the new highscore.

5. Identify your most common mistakes: Over the time, whatever your mistakes are, note them down and keep a track of them. The more you analyse the better you get.

At the end of the day, your own methods are always best for you. So if you have any, do follow them.

On the next article we will share how to improve Vocabulary.


Team ExamPundit