English Quiz for Bank Exams 2016 - Set 19

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Directions _______(Q. 1–10): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Prior to independence the healthcare sector in India was in a _______(1) with a large number of deaths and rampant spread of infectious diseases. After independence the Government of India laid _______(2) on primary healthcare and India has put in sustained efforts to better the healthcare system _______(3) the country. The government initiative was not enough to meet the demands of a growing population be it in primary, secondary or tertiary healthcare. Alternate sources of finance were critical for the sustainability of the health sector. Till about 20 years ago, private sector ventures in the healthcare sector _______(4) of only solo practitioners, small hospitals and nursing homes. The quality of service provided was excellent especially in the hospitals run by charitable trusts and religious foundations. In 1980’s realizing that the government on its own would not be able to _______(5) for health care, the government allowed the entry of private sector to reduce the _______(6) between supply and demand for healthcare. The establishment of the private sector has resulted in the _______(7) of opportunities in terms of medical equipment, information technology in health services, BPO telemedicine and medical tourism. Large companies and _______(8) individuals have now started five star hospitals which dominate the space for the high end market. The private sector has made _______(9) progress, but on the flip side it is also responsible for increasing _______(10) in the healthcare sector. The private sector should be more socially relevant and effort must be made to make private sector accessible to the weaker sections of society.

1. 1) shambles 2) failure 3) demand 4) prosperity 5) ruined

2. 1) bricks 2) emphasize 3) request 4) stress 5) important

3. 1) through 2) across 3) sharing 4 with 5) on

4. 1) made 2) comprise 3) consisted 4) is 5) contained

5. 1) cater 2) provide 3) manage 4) survive 5) give

6. 1) gap 2) position 3) distance 4) length 5) thought

7. 1) reduction 2) sea 3) cropping 4) disabling 5) emergence

8. 1) needy 2) destitute 3) bigger 4) affluent 5) much

9. 1) slowly 2) improve 3) many 4) improvised 5) tremendous

10. 1) speed 2) pace 3) inequality 4) uniformity 5) seriousness


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