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Don't Give UP

Its easy to say from the other side , No one knows the real pain but the individual one !
I won't say that , " Yaar be strong , in future you'll get much better thing and all ,"
All i Know is , you must be strong to bear some things in life and 'Never Ever Give Up Attitude ! '
In Real Life we all have different kinda problems . The real thing that bother us most ( for most people  ) is the Support !
>>> Support from the Family :-
- When you have the Economic problem , You feel much more insecure than others that is the fact. Not everyone have same opportunity when it comes to this problem.
- At here , support is important from Parents only , That is enough motivation for us to achieve anything .
- Never care about other people which includes relatives and negative thinkers who always try to down your moral . Don't give a damn to them !  GOD gave us 2 ears , One to listen and consume good thing , other one is to dump all the unnecessary chatar patar !!

>>> Passion till The End :-
This is the most important thing . As the results came Yesterday , many aspirants are broken from inside but they are thinking about the next exams too and much more passionate at this phase . " Keep the Fire alive till you achieved what you want , Read some motivational stories at some interval which will work as a Fuel for that ! "

>>> What to Do Now ???
- Prepare again , Don't Give up yaar , you have decided to do this thing , You just can't let it Go this much easily , Can you ??
- Avoid Negative thoughts , a very strict one this is !!!
- No one can beat Hard work , even lucky people are the ones who does the hard work ! Don't ever blame anyone , never !

I am writing this , never got an economic problem and always got the support from the family . So , i might not understand the same problem which some aspirants are facing .
All i will say is " I Bear a lot of things in life , sometimes i feel that i got too much from life at the younger age , and that made me a lot more elder than the real age ( Maturity , i don't use this word as i am childish from inside ) .
" Taunting from Relatives and haunting from yourself is the most common thing at this phase too , which i faced a lot in past " You must bear this thing and keep moving forward ,
' Keep everything inside of you and give a smile to your problems , it will be annoyed and eventually evaporate like bubbles from you life !!

In the End , I will say only one thing .
" It's your life and No one Should define you , No One Ever "

" Don't cry , cry , cry .
Just try , try , try "

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White Raven ( So many names i have on disqus , i prefer this most )


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