Daily Word List - 11 April, 2016

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here are the Daily Word List which is very important to increase your vocabulary.

  1. Embargo - An official order forbidding trade with another country
  2. Holster - A leather holder for a pistol
  3. Barbarian - An uncivilised person
  4. Perdition - Everlasting punishment after death
  5. Unguent - A thick oily substance used on the skin to heal it
  6. Thatch - Roof covering of straw, reeds, etc
  7. Apiary - A place where bees are kept
  8. Defeatism - The practice of thinking in a way that shows an expectation of being unsuccessful
  9. Plaintiff - One who brings a charge against someone in a court
  10. Stoic - One who is indifferent to joys/sorrows


Team ExamPundit