Banking and Financial Awareness Quiz - Set 1

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1. Which of the following is a receipt listed in India and traded in rupees declaring ownership of shares of a foreign company?
(a) Indian Depository Receipt (IDR)
(b) European Depository Receipt (EDR)
(c) Global Depository Receipt (GDR)
(d) American Depository Receipt (ADR)
(e) Luxemburg Depository Receipt (LDR)

2. A type of fraud wherein criminals use an innocent person's details to open or use an account to carry out financial transactions is known as
(a) identity theft
(b) hacking
(c) money laundering
(d) espionage
(e) phishing

3. The part of a company's earnings or profits which are paid out to shareholders is known as
(a) capital gains
(b) taxes
(c) interest on borrowings
(d) dividends
(e) penal interest

4. A centralized database with on line connectivity to branches, internet as well as ATM network which has been adopted by almost all major banks of our country is known as 
(a) Investment banking
(b) core banking
(c) mobile banking
(d) national banking
(e) specialized banking 

5. An Equity share is also commonly referred to as
(a) ordinary share
(b) debenture
(c) convertible share
(d) security receipt
(e) preferred stock

6. Which among the following Companies in India has a tie-up with the Japanese Financial Nomura for insurance market?
(a) ICICI Bank
(b) UCO Bank
(c) Kotak Finance
(d) Life Insurance Corporation of India
(e) None of the above

7. To improve access of the poor to banking, RBI has advised banks to open branches with minimum infrastructure supporting up to 8 to 10 Business Correspondents (BC) at a reasonable distance of 3-4 km. Such branches are known as
(a) Nodal branches
(b) Micro branches
(c) Mini branches
(d) Ultra small branches
(e) Satellite branches

8. Which of the following services relate to execution of transactions directly with consumers, rather than corporations or other banks?
(a) Wholesale Banking Services
(b) Industrial Banking Services
(c) Investment Banking Services
(d) Corporate Banking Services
(e) Retail Banking Services

9. Banks' mandatory lending to farmers for agriculture, micro and small enterprises and other weaker sections where in banks are required to lend up to 40% of the loans is generally described as
(a) Para banking
(b) Sub-prime lending
(c) Retail lending
(d) Non-priority sector lending
(e) Priority sector lending

10. Accounts are allowed to be operated by cheques in respect of
(a) Both Savings bank accounts and fixed deposit accounts
(b) Savings bank accounts and current accounts
(c) Both Savings bank accounts and loan accounts
(d) Both Savings bank accounts and cash accounts only
(e) Both Current accounts and fixed deposit accounts



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