5 General Questions Important For LIC AAO 2016 Interviews

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here are 5 General but Important Questions for LIC AAO 2016 Interviews which can be asked.

i) Tell us something about yourself / Brief yourself / Introduce Yourself.
Answer: Note, this is the MOST Important Question for Your Attitude Score. This will decide your attitude towards the job. You should start with a smile on your face and a gentle voice. Don't have an Underestimating, Aggressive tone while describing. Describe yourself in short with only Academic Achievements and Professional Achievements.

ii) How do you Handle Pressure?
Answer: This is the perfect opportunity to describe your strengths and how do you fight back in hard situations. Don't boast about yourself, just be authentic about what you are saying. You can describe many academic situations where you had to handle a lot of pressure and you came back strong. 

iii) Why do you Believe that you are Qualified for this Position?
Answer:  Tell them about the positive qualities you have and how you can improvise yourself. No need to pull technology and how good you can type stuffs.

iv) Where do you see yourself after 3/5 years?
Answer: Never ever Say things which CANNOT be achieved in 3/5 years. That will prove you immature and that does not show any confidence. You can tell that you will be 1-2 management position ahead if your hard work is appreciated by the respected seniors.

v) Why Insurance when you are from Engineering/Technical field?
Answer: Be honest but with some brief explanation. You can easily describe how Insurance has tied up with technology. How technology advancement made banking and transactions easier. How technology is helping the Financial Inclusion Programme. Your projects has helped you to achieve team work skills and proper management under pressure. And also do say the scope and current situation in your sector.

All the best!!


Team ExamPundit