30 Days for SSC CGL 2016 - Set 6 - Additional - Biology

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1.  Production and designing of spare part of body is called
a)  Biomedical Engineering
b)  Biotechnology
c)  Biogenetics
d)  Biometrics

2.  Father of Taxonomy
a)  Theophrastus
b)  Linnaeus
c)  Palade
d)  De Duve

3.  Division of nucleus during cell division is called
a)  Cytokinesis
b)  Karyokinesis
c)  Mitosis
d)  Meiosis

4.  How many pair of chromosomes is found in humans?
a)  24
b)  23
c)  22
d)  26

5.  Pollen Grains are found in
a)  Ovary
b)  Anther
c)  Style
d)  Stigma

6.  Which atom is present in the centre of chlorophyll?
a)  Sodium
b)  Magnesium
c)  Cobalt
d)  Potassium

7.  Fire of the forest is known as
a)  Dhak
b)  Cycas
c)  Trillium
d)  Kenth

8.  Increase in the number of individuals in a given population by birth is called
a)  Mortality
b)  Mutality
c)  Natality
d)  None of these

9.  Human Blood is
a)  Acidic
b)  Basic
c)  Neutral
d)  None of these

10.  Thrombocytes are formed in
a)  Liver
b)  Spleen
c)  Intestine
d)  None of these

11.  Compulsory protein need for clotting of blood
a)  Serum
b)  Glycol Protein
c)  Fibrinogen
d)  None of these

12.  Pituitary gland is controlled is controlled by
a)  Hypothalamus
b)  Cynothalmus
c)  Both a and b
d)  None of these

13.  Vitamins soluble in water is/are
a)  Vitamin A
b)  Vitamin B
c)  Vitamin D
d)  All of these

14.  Xerophthalmia is caused by the deficiency of
a)  Thymine
b)  Biotin
c)  Phylloquinone
d)  Retinol

15.  The organ affected by Kala-ajar is
a)  Bone Marrow
b)  Brain
c)  Intestine
d)  Nervous System

16.  Diabetes was found by
a)  Gurein Calmatte
b)  Banting
c)  Edward Jenner
d)  Johan E. Salk

17.  Study of Dreams is called
a)  Oneirology
b)  Kalology
c)  Saurology
d)  Rhinology

18.  Leucocytes are formed in
a)  Bone Marrow
b)  Lymph node
c)  Liver
d)  All of these

19.  Antigen found in Blood group ‘O’
a)  Only A
b)  Only B
c)  Both A and B
d)  None of these

20.  The process of Digestion is completed in
a)  Small Intestine
b)  Large Intestine
c)  Both of the above
d)  None of these


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