What to Do Now? - Notifications and Preparations!

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditRight now it is phase we would like to refer as Exam Hiatus or simply Eh?! Every single day we are waiting eagerly for a new notification. When nothing is coming out, we are thinking about result and worrying.

So, what to do? What exactly one should do now!

We will discuss 3 scenarios regarding the Exam Hiatus or Eh?!

I)  Preparing while Preparing! – Well, you must be preparing for One Exam these days. Be it SSC CGL or RRB NTPC or Anything else. So, while preparing that you can keep your Banking & Insurance Exam preparation on. This will be very beneficial for you when the new notifications come out.

II) Prioritizing and Preparing – There are few notifications expected to come out within a few weeks. So, what you can do is prioritize the exams and start preparing like that. If you are targeting Bank PO but you will give Clerk and Insurance Exams as well, then you should prepare as per your priorities. So, set a main target and sub-target and start preparing.

III) Keeping in Touch to Be Safe!! – Prevention is better than cure. So why do you want to spoil your time? Anytime a notification will come out and you will be left with no time to prepare properly. English, Current Affairs and Quantitative Aptitude have been a reason of headaches. Then why waste time? On a regular basis, prepare Current Affairs, do the math and learn new words while mastering the language!!

There will definitely be notifications and that time Exampundit’s members should be well prepared!

All the best!! May the force be with You.


Team ExamPundit