General Science Quiz for RRB NTPC 2016 - Set 5

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1. Penicillin is extracted from?
(a) yeast
(b) algae
(c) fungus
(d) lichen

2. Which of the following helps in circulation of blood?
(a) arithrocytus
(b) blood platelets
(c) monocytes
(d) lymphocytes

3. Angora wool is extracted from?
(a) rabbit
(b) sheep
(c) fox
(d) goat

4. Our bones and teeth are generally made of?
(a) tricalcium phosphate
(b) fluoropetite
(c) chloropetite
(d) hydrolith

5. Which of the following diseases affects women easily than that of men?
(a) heart attack
(b)  hepatitis
(c) Joint arthritis
(d) arthritis

6. Pituitary gland is located in?
(a) brain
(b) kidney
(c) liver
(d) intestine

7. Onion is modified form?
(a) leaf
(b) stem
(c) root
(d) none of these

8. In the eye color vision is effected by the presence of?
(a) choroid coat
(b) scierotic coat
(c) rods
(d) cones

9. Kidney disease in man is caused by?
(a) cadmium
(b) iron
(c) cobalt
(d) carbon

10. Which of the following is the female sex hormone?
(a) estrogen
(b) androgen
(c) oxytocin
(d) insulin

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