Exam Review - ESIC UDC MTS 2016 - S Dixit

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is the exam review of ESIC UDC 2016 shared by S Dixit.

those who have exam tmrw . chill paper is very easy . english was more high skul types. jisne wren nmartin padhi ho dhyan se , and good vocab (not so high fi ) can score 50 full. verb forms , reported speech played a quite significant part.

MATHS- was easy The DI was a table. which was less lyk DI and more lyk eyetest :/ they just asked fyv simple questions on which year lowest , highest. no calclns. rest wer misc problems on profit n loss , time work 2 problems, no partnership.was easy . numbers look l yk so big calculations but the numbers wer so provided that equatins gradually simplified into small ratios :)

GI- had 5 seies qstions. and 5 argument qstions. woh picturewala ssequence qstions, blood relations wer 3 or 4. then i dont recall any direction wala though . no puzzles. had 3 or 4 boat stream qstions in GI

GA- was filled up of stock gk . articles of constn, lngest coastline of india which state, CMS of states, recent sports winnings.


tukkebazi ni ho paati so my attempts r always less but score bhi itna hi ayega am sure :)
but only 12 seats odisha UR so most probabably am already out... :)
no worries :) was a mock i guess :P

THOSE WHO HAVE EXAM TMW please please pay attention and just mug up or make som tricks for kaunsa PART of constn deals wid what lyk PART 1, 2, 3, 4

CMS of states and yes recent sport winnings, lyk in my shift dey asked U-19 cup , arjun award.. geet sethi is associated with

:)PARDON me for being so late


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