English Strategy for SSC CGL 2016 - Aries Fire

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a nice Strategy for English in SSC CGL 2016 shared by our very own Aries Fire.

Syllabus according to SSC :

Candidates’ ability to understand correct English, his basic comprehension and writing ability, etc. would be tested.

Spelling test
One word substitution         → Part A
Idiom and phrases
Fill in the blanks

Sentence arrangement                 → Part B

Sentence correction
Active voice & passive voice                    → Part C
Direct & indirect speech


First of all learn 300 to 400 some good words from A to Z with synonyms.
---- from where    dictionary or any grammar book  or Norman Luis or job hi book aapke pass ho.
----  after  that  add 5 to 10 new words (if possible daily ) to your vocabulary khajana.
----  now one word substitution and  idiom and phrases   ( like burger off  , somnambulist , white elephant)  learn from a good grammar book or jo aapke pass ho .  
This is a learning section ( ratta maar)  and scoring  section.


Only one solution  practice as much as possible from previous papers of ssc ,bank po , cdse  etc
Now  how to strong part b solution is news paper or any English novel .
Ab  sab bolte hai the hindu pad lo  yeah koi aur English news paper , if u prepare for UPSC or state pcs  so yes deeply read the hindu  ,
And for ssc and banking only read editorial section   interesting  , helpfull in gdpi  and improve your reading and understanding habit.
Why  because  English  is one of the boring subject ( for  most of the aspirants)  and  2 hours news paper padne ke baad  na toh vocabulary learn karne ka mann karta hai aur na grammar padne ka .  so smart strategy  always work because we have to prepare 3 more subjects ( time hi sab kuch hai)


Sab grammar hi hai  you have to concentrate mainly on preposition, articles , tenses, verb  . and in examination grammar prepare karne ke baad bhi eror solve nahi hote why  because most important phrasal verb  (  like come of means originate and come off means to be performed) so learn by heart these phrasal verb.
Active voice and passive voice works with tenses  . so rule learn karo aur phir practice. ( bus  universal rule hai)
Direct and indirect speech  have some rule for converting  ( easy and scoring part  if u know the rule)

English is one of the most scoring subject in ssc cgle examination because question pattern almost same as previous years papers.

Note :   kuch kehte hain hamari English weak hai  but truth is that  most of the selected candidates are for hindi medium schools so  school medium doesn’t matter  only your will power matter  bus English subject hi hai yaar koi space science nahi padni.



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