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Computer Knowledge Quiz for LIC AAO 2016 - Set 25

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Computer Knowledge Quiz for LIC AAO 2016.

1. Which of the following statements is true about Bluetooth?
A. Bluetooth is a proprietary open-wireless-technology standard for exchanging data over short distances
B. Bluetooth uses a radio technology called frequency-hopping spread spectrum.
C. A PC that does not have embedded Bluetooth can be used with a Bluetooth adapter that will enable the PC to communicate with other Bluetooth devices.
1) Only A
2) Only B
3) Both A and C
4) Both B and D
5) All A, B and C

2. Short keys for FIND in MS Office Word 2003 are
1) Ctrl + B
2) Alt + Ctrl + A
3) Alt + Y
4) Ctrl + F
5) None of these

3. _____ is an electronic spreadsheet. You can use it to organise your data into rows and columns. You can also use it to perform mathematical calculations quickly.
1) Microsoft Excel
2) Microsoft Word
3) Microsoft PowerPoint
4) Microsoft Calculator
5) None of these

4. A hard drive consists of spinning ____ made up of aluminum or ceramic that is coated with magnetic media.
1) plates
2) disks
3) relays
4) memories
5) platters

5. The power supply supplies power to every single part in the PC. The power supply is to convert the 230 VAC into 3. 3 V, 5 V and 12 VDC power that the system requires for the operations. It is commonly known as
1) Simple mode power supply
2) Switch mode power supply
3) Uninterrupted power supply
4) Invertor
5) Convertor

6. Which of the following statements is NOT true about a computer?
1) 8085 is an example of 8-bit microprocessor.
2) Software is used to make computer usable.
3) Based on the microprocessor, systems are classified as PC-XT and PC-AT.
4) SMPS converts AC (Alternate Current) into DC (Direct Current) .
5) None of these

7. The Intel 8085 is a/an _____ microprocessor introduced by Intel in the year _____.
1) 16-bit, 1976
2) 16-bit, 1977
3) 8-bit, 1978
4) 8-bit, 1977
5) 8-bit, 1967

8. Which of the following is NOT a goal of transaction processing system?
1) Capture, process and store transactions
2) Produce a variety of documents related to routine business activities
3) Reduce manual effort associated with processing business transactions
4) Produce standard reports used for management decision making
5) None of these

9. Which of the following is not an example of a virus?
1) Polymorphic
2) Logic Bombs
3) Worms
4) Tartan
5) Trojan

10. Timing and Control unit is a part of a(an)
1) ALU
2) Processor
3) Memory


  1. Raven92 - 7/8
  2. Optimus Prime - 7/9
  3. Fighter - 7/8


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