Important Questions and Answers for IBPS PO V Interviews - 2/4

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here are almost 50 Important Questions and Answers for IBPS PO V Interviews which were discussed in today's Live Q&A.

Some of the questions discussed today which you will get in the PDF:

[Q] What changes you want to see in banking sector?
[Q] What is the reason behind change in the monetary policy?
[Q] Effect of Yuan devaluation on Indian economy.
[Q] Is TDS applicable on RD account?
[Q] What is TDS?
[Q] Difference between Depreciation and devaluation?
[Q] How can banks reduce their operating cost?
[Q] What is Banker Customer relationship?
[Q] Difference between Primary security and Collateral security?
[Q] What are statutory liabilities? Explain in simple words.
[Q] What are secured and unsecured loans?
[Q] What is REER?
[Q] What is the difference between Swift and IMPS?
[Q] Maximum number of people eligible in a joint account?
[Q] What is garnishee order?
[Q] What is the difference between base rate and bank rate?
[Q] What is subprime crisis?
[Q] What is Material alternation?
[Q] Difference between the Functioning of:
[Q] What is Lazy Banking?
[Q] According to you what are the big challenges of Public Sector Banks?
[Q] How to reduce NPA?
[Q] Why saying bank as a growing sector as NPA got increased nowadays?
[Q] What is FCCB?
[Q] Why Public Bank? Why not private bank?
[Q] Why private banks offer more interest rate as compared to Public Sector Banks?
[Q] What is Bull & Bear?
[Q] What is Cross Selling?
[Q] Why Banking?
[Q] What are the factors on which CAR depends?
[Q] Difference between Current A/c and capital a/c convertibility?

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