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Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is an Interview Experience of IBPS PO V shared by Viraj from Pune.

DATE :- 20-01-2016
TIME : 8.30AM
I reached the venue at 8:15 am and document verification started at 9:00 am. Every thing went nice.
There were 3 panels who were taking interviews and in each panel there were 20 candidates. I was in "Panel-1". My No was 8.  Waited for 2 hrs and my turn came at 11.15am.

Me: May I come in, Sir.
M1: NO , just a minute. 
          Don’t know what to say ,was very scarred , just waited. Then bell rang and the guy who was assisting us told me to go inside.

Me : may I come in sir,
M1 : plz come in , have a seat

Me : wished them good morning,
There were 5 members ,4 male and 1 female . only one of them was wearing suit, I think he was chairman of the panel.

M1 : Viraj,,,, Atlast ! we got a commerce student.  Fedup with these engineering students.

(I think they must have had a bad experience about earliar students who were before me.)

I was in heaven .felt so good , cant explain….

M1 : don’t know why so many engineering student want to join bank.
Me :with a smile , I don’t know sir , may be there are no jobs in their field

M2: and why so few commerce ?
Me : again with smile , I don’t know sir , I think they are not aware about banking jobs.

M1 , M2 , M3 were discussing amoung them self about engineering student.

Just kept listening .
            M3 said to M1 that there is nothing wrong for engineers to join bank. Ther are few jobs and that to they are not secured.
M2 interepted him and said but sir these commerce students don’t need any special training .

I was on cloud 9. God I was feeling so happy.

Their conversation stopped. Then
M1 : viraj,,,, in commerce economics must be one of your subjects , so tell mi what is micro economics and micro economics?

(Not at all expected . didn’t even asked for introduction)

Me: sir, micro is a small term ,trade between retailer and consumer, and micro economics means trade between countries.
I think they were not convinced.
M1 made me repeat this 2 times. He still didn’t get it.

M1 : micro means
Me : small
M1 : and macro means
Me : large
I think he still didn’t get it
Made me spell micro and macro

M1 : what is difference between hypothecation and pledge
Me: sir, if you get loan for car or bike and if you default on payment than bank takes away your car or bike , that is pledge,,,,,,,oh no sorry sorry  ,, sir that is hypothecation.
And pledge is where you keep colaterall for loan.
M1 : then what is mortgage?
Me : sir it is for immovable property like house ,factory

Stopped me and asked another question.

M1 : what is LLP ?
Me : I don’t know sir.

(only god knows what LLP is)

Later found out after interview that LLP means limited liability partnership.

M1 : what is contingent liability ?
Me: sir, these are not liabilities . M1 interepted than why it is called liability ?
        Sir they are not actual liabilities but can become a liability in future.
        Sir if a person make a claim of say 5000 rs on company and that case is pending in court .the court may give any disicion .so this 5000 rs is uncertain.
     That 5000 is contingent liability.

M1 : where it appears in balance sheet ?
Me : sir , it doesn’t appears in bal sheet. It is only added as a foot note in bal sheet.

M2 : what is msp?
Me: sir , its minimum support price which govt dicides for certain agricultural product.

M2 : what product ?
Me : sir, rice , wheat pulses

M2 : and cotton
Me : I don’t now sir ,

M2 : what about sugarcane , who decides their price?
Me : don’t know sir. I think economics affairs dept

 (M2 Didn’t look happy)

M3 : what is GDP
Me : told

M3 : what does bal sheet contains?
Me : told , assets, liabilities,,,,,,,,,,,…….etc etc.

M2 again : when you completed your graduation
Me : sir 2012

M2 : then what were you doing for so many years?
Me : sir, preparing for competitive examination.

M1, M2 : started laughing for 3 yrs you are studing…..
Me : sir, competition is very tough.

M2 : I see you have worked for wipro bpo , for 1 ½ years .why did you left your job ?
Me : sir the process which I was working got shifted to manila- phillipines , also I have to work at night . 8 pm to 6 am. Also it is not a secured job

M2  : then why did you joined a bpo if  you know they have night shifts?
Me : sir, when I was completing my graduation the was a big craze about bpo , where these companys used to come to our campus and hire young under graduated . you earn 15- 16K at such young age your lifestile changes. Easy money…….thats why I joined bpo.

Madam : exactly what you used to do in wipro?
Me : told , used to work for airlines process.

Madam : there must be passengers who shouts at you if their flight get canceled , then what you do , how you handel such passengers?
Me : mam , I first appologise them , thell them the reason why flight is cancled,
       Find some other option what I can do , also some times we cant do anything , but still I pretend that Iam helping them. Make them fill that someone helping them.

M4 : can you tell me names of deputy governers?
Me :  told.

M1: ok viraj , you can go now , all the best.

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