IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Nisha - Ahemdabad

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is the IBPS PO V Interview Experience of Nisha Gautam.

Date: 23/01/2016
Place: Dena Bank, Ashram road, Ahmedabad
Panel: I
Reporting time: 08:30 am

I had reached by 08:30, we all were waiting for someone to come and take us inside the premises. One sir then came and took us inside an auditorium where the biometric and the verification of documents were to take place.

My serial number was 5th in the list, but they told me to wait for biometric as they did not have my thumbprint available from written exam for verification. So I waited patiently and when all other candidates had their biometric done, sir called me for biometric, they took my thumb impression on a paper and also got an undertaking signed by me in this case.

Meanwhile interview was completed for 17 candidates I guess!! So after document verification, they asked me to go and appear since my serial number was 5th and I was waiting.

Finally, my interview turn came at 12:10 pm, the bell rang and I entered inside with permission.

There were five members, four males and one female, I will call them M1, M2, M3, M4 and F1.

All the panel officials first told me to be comfortable and get relaxed. (Forget everything Nisha jo hua) I replied that I was fine J

M1 – Okay so tell us something about yourself.

Me – gave a brief introduction

While I was introducing myself, about my family, M2 asked in middle about everyone’s profession and everything!

F1 – Nisha, tell me about your hobbies.
Me – Told in a way that they could not cross question me :D

F1 – Who is your role model?
Me – My mother

F1 – any role model outside your family, any sportsperson/politician/actress?
Me – Answered

M1 – Okay so Nisha what if you get posted anywhere else other than your home city, how will you manage?
Me – convinced them with my answers

F1 – do you know who Angela Merkel is?
Me – (will not tell here what I answered, I was wondering wahan kya ho gaya tha mujhe!!!!!!!!!!!!)

M2 – What is the role of IMF and World Bank?
Me – Sorry sir, I don’t remember.

M4 – You work in which company right now? What is your role there?
Me – Answered about the company and its products too.

(My company provides tax filing software for US clients, so M3 got a chance to ask something related to this and meri band baja di unhone)

M3 – Achha apne tax me slab jaisa kuchh hota hai, do you know all that?
Me – Told ke income ke basis pe hota hai, (pehle toh confirm kiya whether he was asking about US or India!), then he kept on asking me something on taxation but I couldn reply.

M3 – Union budget me kuchh aya tha pata hai?
Me – Yes sir GST was introduced and explained its concept.

M2 – kyun laye GST? Why?
Me – explained well

M2 and M3 – how will it affect these price variations?
Me – Sorry sir kaise karega wo nahi jaanti

M1 – What do you know about Indian Banking System that we can ask you?
Me – told that I knew only basic things.

M2 – What is the difference between Nationalized Banks and Private Sector Banks?
Me – Answered well

M2 – Asked some personal question related to family and posting again but in other way
Me – convinced them that I am capable of handling tough situations when faced.

M1 and M2 then said, “Okay Nisha we wish you all the best.”
M4 – All the best and congratulations for your upcoming life.

All wished me good luck and I thanked them and left the room.

No questions asked from Electronics and Communication!

(There were times when the panel members made pathetic expressions and I was like pata nahi….)

I know it was neither good nor bad, I know I was not at all prepared so I don’t have any regrets for anything!!

Thank you, wish you all the best!

Nisha Gautam

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