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Thursday, January 28, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Anamika - Kanpur

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a IBPS PO V Interview Experience shared by Anamika from Kanpur.

Anamika gupta
Venue - Kanpur at 1 p.m.
We reached at 12.45p.m.
Documents got verified till 1.45 p.m.
I was last in my panel so had to wait alot.my all energy, smile, enthusiasm n excitement  came at zero level. yet when my turn was to come I tried to maintain what I was required to maintain in the interview hall...
Time- 4.40 p.m
5 members around the table
Female, male 1 (observer), male 2( head), male 3 (question asker and giving a lil strict expressions ), male 5 ( kind of male 3 ye but less than him)
Bell rang...I knocked
Me - may I come in please
M2- aiye aiye..baithiye. ..
Me - gud evening ma'am...gud evening sirs
Baithiye baithiye....bataiye apne bare mei kuch....
I was so confused shud I take them in professional way or to take them in a lil casual with professional way...I chose 2nd one...
Spoke about my self a lil...my name's meaning is ring finger....wen i told dem this thing den M3 asked about odr fingers name as well...never thought of this so got blank suddenly..I said I cnt remember right now....head said mumma se poochna shaam ko...wo bata dengi... ( I cnt understand interviewers ko har baar meri mumma kyu yaad ajati h....last tym also d same thing happened)...he den said thenga suna h ? N we all strtd laughing....i strtd again wid my academics where I added learned french basic and advance 2 yrs from iit-kanpur...den cross questions on French....M3 asked me to pronounce french president name correctly...I did dt and helped dem to pronounce it again...1 min discussion  on d pronunciation...he hehehehehee. ....den I told dem dt i have completed diploma in banking and finance last year...everybody got impressed....M2 said to d female dt poochiye fir ap kuch....unke poochne se pehle hi maine bola shyd muje utni knowledge na ho bt mai banking seekhna chahti hu....M2 said to apse kch na poocha jaye? He said in very normal and funny tone..I said sir ap poochiye,muje jo ata hoga mai jarur bataungi...ni ata hoga to mana kar dungi....bt galat ni bataungi...ye sahi bola beta apne - dey said
Female asked - she asked about banking regulation act...I told... jo balance sheet banti h bank ki wo companies act k acc banti h ya banking regulation act k acc...i said no idea....she asked jo holidays list banti h wo rbi banata h ya wo kis k acc banti h...I said no idea....M3 said aree madam kya pooch ri h ap....abi ye sab bacche h.....jab kaam karenge tab apne ap sab pata chal jaega...abi in logo ko kya pata hoga ye sab...den she asked about narsimham committee...told evrythng...he asked about his designation....I said economist.....bt he wntd d exact designation...I said I dnt know sir....den dey asked 2-3 more questions n i answered dem....we all totally enjoyed d process because I wanted to make it light evrytym (fr me as well as for dem as I ws d last candidate and dey must have been tired alot since whole day meeting each and evry kind of candidate...so I wanted d meeting shud be rejenuvating for dem and unhe b lage ki haan mast ladki se jate jate mulakat hui).....
Dey said atlast ok anamika u may go now....I greeted dem  very properly...all smiled and said me bye n i left d room by thanking dem...
I seriously dnt knw ow ws my interview bt i didnt wanted to make it boring fr dem, like too much professional...so dts y i took dis kind of approach in my interview as it is my strength...we all laughed together during whole process...sum tym dey were pulling my leg...sumtym dey were accepting ki haa  ye answer bachhe ko ni pata higa is stage pe .sumtym dey were accepting my approach towrds life n career...i dnt know ow much marks wil I get bt I am sure about one thing dt i as well as dey enjoyed d meeting
I request my friends to share wat dey think about my interview..where ws I right n where wrong...what shud b improved... .thank you....

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