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Thursday, January 28, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Abhinav - Noida

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is an Interview Experience of IBPS PO V shared by Abhinav from Noida.

Name – Abhinav Awasthi
Venue- Noida Sec-62
Date and Time- 28/01/2016 8:30 AM, Panel- VI
I am not going in to the details of biometric and Document Verification. Everything was in place and process was going very smoothly.
Lets come to the INTERVIEW
There were 5 people in the panel. M1,F1,M2(Chairman),M3,M4
I entered in to the room greeted them , M2 offered me seat.
M2: So Mr  Awasthi. tell us about yourself
Me: Told
M2: u have completed your Btech in 2013 . tell us your journey from 2013 to till date.
Me: Told about my job and banking preparation.
M2:Why banking?
Me: Told
M2: Growth opportunities are also there in private sector?? He gave example of Indira nooyi
Me: justified my answer
M2: what do u think every PO will become GM one day?
Me: Sir in all the cases may be this is not possible but in my case I m going to utilize each and every opportunity of growth that will be given by my bank.
M4: in 2016 in which states there are election?
Me Assam, West Bengal, Punjab
M3: What is NPA?
Me : Told
M3: can there be NPA in a organization other then banks?
Me : YES sir
Me: If a employee is sitting idle , he is not working in his full strength. He ia a NPA.
M3 and M2 simaltaneously said Exactly
M2: that’s what I want to listen
M2: ok abhinav I have enjoyed talking to u wish u all d best. U may go now
Me: thank you sir
Interview was purely in English. Not a single word of Hindi.

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