7 Important Things to Keep in Mind for IBPS PO V Interviews

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditSo, IBPS PO V Interviews will start soon and here are 7 things you must keep in your mind for your IBPS PO V Interview.

1. What will you study?
As we have mentioned earlier, you need to focus on 3 things while studying for the IBPS PO V Interviews. i) You need to study your academic materials ii) BANKING MATERIALS iii) you and your surroundings.

2. Be Up to Date
If you are reading about any topic. Make sure you have the up to date data about it. Suppose you are reading about Pre-2005 Notes, then make sure you have studied about the deadlines and any recent news regarding this.

3. Don’t Daydream while answering
When they will ask you question which will test your characteristics, don’t boast or tell anything which is practically not possible. This is not any TV Commercial that you will be answering funny and unrealistic stuffs and they will hire you.

4. Benefit Both the Sides
Your answers should benefit both your growth and bank’s growth. Which means, anything you answer related to career should have benefits for you as well as the bank you will be working for.

5. Your Surroundings are Important
Which city are you living in? Which state do you belong? Names of the important persons, any recent schemes or news related to your state/city is very Important.

6. Do Not Repeat
While answering questions related to yourself or your academic/professional experience(s), never repeat same stuffs again and again. For eg. When you will answer about yourself, don’t just say everything which is already given or the interviewer knows. Tell them about your skills, your tactics when you manage any hectic situation, if you have done anything other than that, mention it.

7. Honesty is the BEST Policy

When you are asked questions like “Why banking after Engineering”, “What were you doing 2 years without a job”, “Why banking”, “Why don’t you go for your field”; always answer honestly. Don’t make up stories which you cannot continue or have to lie about. Remember, its not a one time thing that your lying and making up will take you through. You will be working for the bank, so make sure you are honest. Because nobody wants to hire someone who is not honest.

That is it guys!! We will be rolling out more articles and materials for IBPS PO V Interviews. Till then study hard and Study smart. May the Force be With You.


Team ExamPundit


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