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Census 2011 PDF for Banking/SSC Exams

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a free-PDF of Census 2011 which is very important for all the Banking, Insurance and SSC Exams. Specially NICL, LIC, IBPS 2015 will be held within few months so it will help many.

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Also, we have quiz on Census 2011 in our website.

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Books For 2015 Banking/Insurance Exams

Reasoning Quiz Set 5 - February, 2015 - Statement and Conclusions

1. Statements: Some blades are papers.
Some papers are books.
Some books are pens.

I. Some pens are papers.
II. Some books are blades.
III. Some pens are blades.

(a) Only I follows
(b) Only II follows
(c) Only III follows
(d) None follows
(e) Only II and III follow

2. Statements: Some pencils are marbles.
All marbles are buses.
Some buses are trucks.

I. Some trucks are pencils.
II. Some buses are pencils.
III No truck is pencil.

(a) Only I follows
(b) Only II follows
(c) Only either I or III and II follow
(d) Only either I or III follows
(e) None

3. Statements: Some trees are jungles.
Some jungles are flowers.
All flowers are streets.

I. Some streets are jungles.
II. Some streets are trees.
III. Some flowers are trees.

(a) Only I follows
(b) Only II follows
(c) Only III follows
(d) Only I and II follow
(e) None

4. Statements: All desks are tables.
All tables are chairs.
Some chairs are sofas.

I. Some sofas are desks.
II. Some chairs are desks.
III. Some tables are desks.

(a) Only I and II follow
(b) Only II and III follow
(c) Only I and III follow
(d) All follow
(e) None

5. Statements: Some cycles are bikes.
No bike is flower.
All flowers are goats.

I. No goat is cycle.
II. Some flowers are cycles.
III. Some goats are bikes.

(a) None follows
(b) Only I follows
(c) Only II follows
(d) Only III follows
(e) Only II and III follow

6. Statements: All rivers are hills.
All hills are rocks.
Some rocks are sticks.

I. Some sticks are hills.
II. Some sticks are rivers.
III. Some rocks are rivers.

(a) None follows
(b) Only I follows
(c) Only II follows
(d) Only III follows
(e) Only II and III follow

7. Statements: All tyres are cars.
All wheels are cars.
All cars are trains.

I. All tyres are trains.
II. Some trains are wheels.
III. Some trains are cars.

(a) Only I follows
(b) Only I and II follow
(c) Only I and III follow
(d) Only II and III follow
(e) All follow

Important For: IBPS Clerk 2015, IBPS PO 2015, LIC AAO, NICL AO

Books For 2015 Banking/Insurance Exams

Union Budget 2015-16 Live Highlights

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here are the live updates of Union Budget 2015-16 presented by Fin-Min Arun Jaitley.

Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley on 28 February 2015 presented Union Budget 2015-16 in the Lok Sabha. 

This was the first full year Budget of the NDA government and the second budget of Arun Jaitley.

Highlights of the Union Budget 2015-16

  1. Gross tax receipts of 14.49 lakh crore rupees
  2. Non-planned expenditure was 1312200 crore rupees
  3. Corporate tax was reduced to 25 percent over next four years from existing 30 percent 
  4. Defence allocation for fiscal 2015-16 is 246727 crore rupees
  5. 100 percent tax deduction for contribution to Swachh Bharat Fund
  6. Service tax hiked by 14 percent
  7. 34699 crore rupees allocated for MNREGA, which is highest ever allocation to the programme
  8. Yoga was included in the ambit of charitable purposes under the Income Tax Act 
  9. Custom duty on 22 items will be reduced 
  10. People will have to quote their PAN for all purchases above 1 lakh rupees 
  11. AIIMS will be set up in five states namely Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh and Assam
  12. Centres for film production will be created in Arunachal Pradesh 
  13. Law under FEMA on capital account transactions will be amended 
  14. National skill development mission to be launched
  15. By 2022 there is plan to produce 175000 MW renewable energy 
  16. Visa on arrival extended to 150 countries 
  17. 1000 crore rupees more allocated to Nirbhaya fund 
  18. Transport allowance increased to 1600 rupees per month 
  19. To increase clean energy cess of 220 rupees per tonne of coal 
  20. Online excise & service tax registrations in 2 working days
  21. Wealth tax has been abolished, replaced by 2 percent on superrich 
  22. 9000 crore rupees from additional 2 percent surcharge on the super rich
  23. 1008 crore rupees was collected under total wealth tax
  24. GARR will be deferred by 2 years 
  25. Benami transactions in property deals will be curbed
  26. 7-year imprisonment for non-filing of return on foreign asset 
  27. 300 percent penalty on concealing income 
  28. Undisclosed income to be taxed on maximum marginal rate 
  29. New law to tackle black money 
  30. Sovereign gold bond with fixed rate of interest will be developed 
  31. Gold monetization scheme will be introduced 
  32. Internationally competitive direct tax regime will be created 
  33. Public debt management agency will be created

A PDF will be given later today.


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Books For 2015 Banking/Insurance Exams

How To Solve Verbal Ability Problems

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. We have arranged a few important points on how to solve verbal ability problems in banking examinations. A lot of people face this problem and often considered as a hectic and time consuming section.

So, lets get started

To solve the Verbal Ability problems you need the following:

#1 Extensive reading : There is no better way to improve your command over the language than reading extensively. Read newspapers, magazines and any good book you can lay your hands on. This will improve your awareness levels, and familiarize you with the nuances of the language and help you read between the lines. Once you are familiar with good writing, you will instinctively identify anything that is incorrect or inappropriate.

#2 Good Vocabulary : The best way to build vocabulary is by reading as much as possible. Get into the habit of reading newspaper editorials, good books etc. Every time you come across a new word, note it down, refer to a dictionary, learn the various meanings, usages (the prepositions that are to be used with the word), phrasal verbs and idioms related to that word etc. Note down the sentence in which you found the word and make a sentence of your own. Learn words in groups (i.e. when learning a word, learn its synonyms). Also find out whether the word has a positive or a negative connotation or whether it is neutral. Periodically, revise what you have noted down. Remember, words can be forgotten quite easily. The more you revise, the less the chances of forgetting.  If you face trouble remembering then write down in journal(Diary).

#3 Time Management : You cannot spend too much time on the verbal ability questions. So for that you need a lot of practice. The more you practice the more your speed will increase. Learn all the types of questions and their basics. In this way you will be able to solve the problems way more easily. Challenge yourself with less time and more questions, this is how you will increase your speed. The more you push yourself to the limits, the more your speed increases.

#4 Grammar :  As far as grammar is concerned, a sound knowledge of what you learnt in school is all that is needed. Practise grammar exercises. A rule in grammar will be remembered only if you encounter it in usage a number of times.

#5 Logic : Whether its your life or your exam questions, you need implementation of logic. So when you see the questions first thing what you will do is implement your own logic to find out the outcome. Don't worry, you don't need to memorize anything, just common sense will work its way up. You can solve many questions very fast by implementing logic in it.

Here are some types of Verbal Ability Questions that may appear in the Banking Exams and their solving methods:

1. Analogies: A pair of words is given followed by four choices. The candidate is expected to identify the relationship between the main pair of words and select the choice in which the pair of words have the same relationship as the words in the question pair have.

The words can be antonyms, or synonyms or may bear some other relationship (i.e. workman : tool e.g. surgeon : scalpel). Identify the part of speech of the given words i.e., noun, verb or adjective. Since a given word can have one meaning as verb and an altogether different meaning as noun or adjective, (for eg. ‘appropriate’) check if the given answer pairs bear, a clear and definite relationship.

Eliminate those which have no proper relationship and for the remaining choices, look for any secondary meaning and sharply define the relationship between the pair of words. The choice that bears the identical relation as found in the question pair is the best choice.If more than one choice appears to be correct, check if the position of the words is reversed, as it sometimes is.

2. Reverse analogies: These questions are similar to analogy questions, but of the four choices given, three exhibit the same relationship as the main pair of words and only one pair DOES NOT exhibit the same relationship. In other words, identify the odd man out. This is easier than the previous type as there are four pairs of words that reveal the nature of the analogy.

3. Jumbled paragraph: The sentences of a paragraph are jumbled and each sentence is denoted by a letter of the alphabet. The choices give different ways of arranging these sentences and the one which helps build a logically coherent paragraph should be marked as the answer choice. The number of sentences varies from four to six. Read the sentences to grasp the idea conveyed by it. Since they form a paragraph, look for the sentence that can be the opening or the closing sentence of the paragraph. Since the paragraph is built around a central idea, identify the topic sentence (which often begins the paragraph), try and find the logic or reasoning in the paragraph. Look for pronouns (he, they, it etc.) since pronouns stand for the nouns that go before them. This will help you to link the sentences. Look for conjunctions – and, but, though, still, unless, in spits of – that give clues on the order of sentences.

4. Fill in the blanks: The candidate has to select the correct pair of words from the given choices that fit into the blanks in the given sentence. Read the complete sentence with the blank and try to understand the meaning, the tone, the attitude, the style, the type of language used. These could give a clue to the correct word. Think of what word you would use if you had to complete the sentence.

See if both blanks take positive words, negative words or one positive and one negative. If you are not sure, try fitting each of the choices in the sentence and see if it sounds apt or jarring. Often two or three of the words may fit in the first blank or the second one and the combination of the two will help you decide on the right choice.

5. Odd man out : In this question type, four words or sentences are given. The candidate has to identify the one which does not belong to the category of the other three and mark that as the answer. So, identify the logic on which three of the four choices can be considered to belong to a group. If all four appear to ‘belong’ to a group, see on what basis one of them can be eliminated from the group.

6. Best summary : A small paragraph is given in the question followed by four choices, all of which seem to mean the same as the original. The candidate has to identify the choice that is the best restatement of the given paragraph and mark that as the answer. The best summary is the one that captures the main points but omits all examples, redundancy, and circumlocution. On reading the question the candidate should make a mental note of the points made and select the answer choice that retains the important points and the tone of the original text.

7. Meaning–Usage match : The candidates are tested on their ability to identify the meaning of word in a context. Each question consists of a word followed by four different dictionary meanings of the word. Four sentences using this word are also given – each
sentence using the word with a different meaning – corresponding to the four meanings. The candidate is expected to match each of the meanings with the appropriate sentence that has this meaning. The word may have altogether different meanings or the shades of meaning may be different. The word may sometimes be use as noun, verb, adjective etc. The candidate should zero in on that meaning–sentence combination which he is sure is correct, then look for the choice that has this combination and check out the other

combinations in it.

8. Cloze Passage : The is a type of question of the ‘Fill in the Blanks’ variety. In this, a paragraph or a small passage is given with a few blanks which indicate missing words. These blanks are numbered serially. For each blank, four words are given. The candidate has to
identify the words that most appropriately fit into the blank and mark them as the answers. In answering this question type, the candidate would do well to read the whole paragraph to get the tone, attitude and a grasp of the content. The candidate should be guided by these
when choosing the answers. Often a choice of one word in a blank automatically leads to the next. Hence never approach this in a piecemeal fashion.

9. Inappropriate substitute : This question type has a word used in a sentence followed by four words given as answer choices. One of these words cannot substitute the question word in the sentence, without altering the meaning. The other three words are synonyms or near
synonyms of the word in the sentence. Even if the candidate does not know the word given in the question, he can still identify the synonyms in the answer choices and pick the one that does not mean what the other three mean. Thus, this question type reduces to an oddman out question.

10. Facts / inferences / Judgments : This is a question type that tests the ability of the candidate to classify a given statement as a fact or inference or judgment. The candidate should be able judge the nature of statement accurately and quickly. ‘Fact’ is defined as a piece of information that can be verified. ‘Inference’, is what is logically concluded from some data. ‘Judgment’ is what is in the nature of an opinion. In tackling this, the candidate should decide which sentence he is very confident about. For example, if you are sure that
something is a ‘fact’, look for answer choices in which this is right, then verify the others given in that choice and choose the option in which the classification is correct.

11. Fill in the blanks (Grammar) : In this type of question, a part of a sentence is left blank and is followed by four choices. The candidate is expected to pick the option which when inserted into the blank, makes the sentence grammatically correct. In grammar questions, the main areas covered are, subject-verb agreement, positioning of the adverb, phrasal verbs, the infinitive, correlative conjunctions, modifiers, gerund form, prepositions etc. When answering these questions it may help to underline in the four choices, where the variations are and rule out ones you are sure are incorrect.

12.Inappropriate usage: A word is used in four different ways and the candidate has to identify the sentence in which the given word is used in a way that does not conform to standard English usage. Remember that it may be incorrect or inappropriate – meaning that a particular word may be grammatically wrong or inappropriate in the context. Here again the areas covered are articles, subject verb agreement, singular-plural in nouns or pronouns, preposition, position of the adverb, phrasal verbs, idioms etc. Sometimes a word that is close to the appropriate word is used. For example, ‘host’ may be used instead of ‘home’. Here again, what is tested is familiarity with the language and hence a wide reading is useful.

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How to prepare for NICL Assistant 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. As requested by everyone we have managed to create a study plan for National Insurance Co. Ltd Assistant exam 2015.

Now, we have earlier given the detailed syllabus for NICL Assistant 2015.

For reasoning you need to focus on Seating Arrangements, Puzzles, Coding Decoding and SyllogismsThe reasoning part of the exam can be tricky but not tough. Do a lot of seating arrangements of various types, such as, Round Table, Square Table, Parallel Seating etc etc. The quizzes you will get in exampundit website will be sufficient. Try to solve the reasoning questions fast and no need to go hard and in-depth. The exam will be more or less similar to banking clerical exams.

Quantitative Aptitude
Time-management is always a key in every competitive examination. The numerical part is expected to be lengthy but not very tough. A lot of practice and calmness while solving the problems is needed. On a regular basis you need to practice Numerical Ability. For this particular exam, no need need to go in-depth and stress yourself. If you have any problem regarding any sum, just mail team exampundit. Just focus on the time management. Data Interpretation might be there and can some of them be calculative. However, the DI won't be tough if appears.

English Lanugage
Expect the comprehension to be easy for this examination. Don't think too much and stress yourself. For NICL Assistant English focus on Cloze Test, Spotting the errors and Sentence Rearrangements. The passage can be expected easier than SBI Clerk but similar to IBPS Clerk. So just brush up grammar and you will be prepared for the english language section.

You can get good quality English quizzes for NICL Assistant from here.

General Awareness
The General Awareness portion will be having questions from recent events, financial, sports and national/international political events.You will get all the files in our materials section. Do study the important dates from past 1 month and current and coming month. Also study our Insurance awareness PDFs. Also Rail Budget, Economic Survey is very important for this examination.

We have elaborate what to study for General Awareness in Banking and Insurance Examination. Still if you are unable to study properly you can click here for a quick method of studying.

Computer Knowledge

Computer knowledge will consist very basic questions. No need to pressurize yourself. Just study the materials and quizzes we have provided. Anybody with a basic knowledge can answer 50% of the questions.

A warm up match will be given for this examination.

How much to attempt?

General: 180/250
OBC: 170/250
SC: 140/250
ST: 130/250

Note: This is a safe score to attempt, this does not assure your place nor decide the cut-off


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Current Affairs Update – 27th Feb, 2015

In today's Current Affairs, We have News on:


Highlights of Economic Survey 2014-15

  • The survey prepared by Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian.

Following are the highlights of Economic Survey 2014-15 presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in Parliament today:
  • GDP growth seen at 8.1-8.5 per cent in 2015-16
  • Double digit growth trajectory; 8-10 pc GDP in coming yrs
  • Inflation shows declining trend during April-December
  • CAD to decline to about 1 pc in 2015-16
  • To adhere to fiscal deficit target of 4.1 pc of GDP, to Aim for 3%
  • Committed to fiscal consolidation; to enhance revenue Generation
  • More reforms on anvil; GST, expanding direct benefit Transfers to be game-changers.
  • Foodgrains production for 2014-15 estimated at 257.07 Million tonnes; will exceed last 5-yr average by 8.5 MT
  • NITI Aayog, 14th Fin Comm to enhance fiscal federalism
  • External Sector returning to strength, resilience
  • Need balance between 'Make in India' and 'Skilling India'
  • Services sector negotiations at WTO crucial for India in Removing many market access barriers
  • Revitalise PPP model to revive investment
  • Manufacturing and services equally important for growth.
  • Consumer inflation in 2015-16 to be between 5-5.5 pc
  • Lower inflation opens up space for more monetary easing
  • There is scope for big bang reforms
  • Labour, capital, land, market reform and skills to be Engines of growth
  • JAM Trinity - Jan Dhan Yojana, Aadhaar, Mobile - to help Transfer of funds to poor without leakage
  • Shield domestic industry to promote 'Make In India'
  • Borrowings to fund investment, not for meeting expenses
  • Food subsidy bill in Apr-Jan up 20 pc to Rs 1.08 lakh cr
  • Reform Railway's structure, commercial practices, Overhaul of technology
  • Public investment key growth engine in short-run for Railways, but not a substitute for private investment
  • More disinvestments on the anvil in current fiscal
  • Under-recoveries on petroleum products to come down to Rs 74,664 crore in 2014-15, from Rs 1.39 lakh crore in FY14
  • 4Ds - Deregulation, Differentiation, Diversification, Disinter (better bankruptcy laws) - to push financial Sector growth
  • Implementation of GST to boost GDP, exports
  • Suggests medium to long term fiscal policy to target Deficit, expenditure
  • Global commodity prices to remain weak in 2015
  • Ecommerce sector to witness 50 pc growth in 5 yrs.

SEBI Cancels Sahara AMC's Registration As Portfolio Manager

  • In fresh troubles for crisis-hit Saharas, regulator Sebi today ordered cancellation of Sahara Asset Management Company's registration as portfolio manager, saying that "antecedents" of Subrata Roy and some group firms may cause "prejudice to the interests of investors".
  • Rejecting Sahara AMC's application for renewal of license, Sebi said it no more meets "fit and proper criteria" to continue as a portfolio manager in Indian securities market.
  • Consequently, the Sebi said, it was ordering cancellation of its portfolio manager registration within 30 days, or transfer of its business to another portfolio manager, or allow investors to withdraw their funds and securities.
  • Sahara AMC, which had applied for this renewal in July 2012, is part of diversified Sahara group that has been engaged in a long-drawn battle with Sebi, which had earlier asked it to refund tens of thousands of crores raised through certain bonds from investors.


NSE signed MoU with GIFT to establish an international exchange in Gujarat

  • The National Stock Exchange (NSE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 26 February 2015 with the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) to establish an international exchange in Gujarat. The MoU was signed in the presence of Gujarat Finance Minister Saurabh Patel.
  • The GIFT Special Economic Zone is being developed as India’s first International Financial Services Centre (IFSC). It is spread over 886 acres.
  • The expected investment in this multi-service SEZ is to the tune of 78000 crore rupees. An estimated five lakh persons are claimed to get direct employment in this mega commercial centre.

IBM Corporation tied-up with Tech Mahindra Ltd to accelerate Global Hybrid Cloud adoption

  • Tech giant International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) on 23 February 2015 tied-up with IT services major Tech Mahindra Limited to build a platform for the development of cloud-based apps for its clients to increase hybrid services adoption.
  • This will help the company in achieving high network performance and maintain maximum control over client data.
  • The platform will be built using IBM’s Bluemix Dedicated cloud infrastructure. Bluemix Dedicated runs on private, dedicated servers and hardware in an organization’s preferred IBM cloud centre, a network spanning over 40 regions across the globe.


India Placed Orders Worth Rs 83,858 Cr for Military Hardware

  • Indian Air Force, Army and Navy have placed orders worth Rs 83,858 crore from 2011 to the last fiscal while domestic defence industries have earned Rs 69 crore by export of military hardware.
  • Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said foreign vendors got orders worth Rs 55,406 crore from IAF between 2011-12 and 2013-14 followed by Navy's Rs 25,454 crore and Rs 2,998 crore from Army.
  • Replying to questions in the Lok Sabha, Parrikar also said that Foreign Direct Investment amounting to Rs 24.36 crore has been received after government opened the defence industry for private sector.

STEP Scheme Benefits Over 24,000 Women This Fiscal

  • Government's STEP scheme, aimed at providing employability skills to women, has covered over 24,000 beneficiaries so far in the current fiscal, Lok Sabha was informed today.
  • The Support to Training and Employment Programme (STEP) was being implemented as per guidelines formulated, Minister of Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi said during Question Hour.
  • However, she said the Ministry did not maintain records of how many of the beneficiaries of the scheme had secured jobs, though she acknowledged that having such information would be important to understand the scheme's effectiveness.

Zoological Society of London enters in Asiatic lion Conservation

  • The Gujarat Forest department has gone Smart. The department will use smart software which will be used for tracking the movement of their staff and even the lions. The software has been developed jointly by the Zoological Society of London and the Gujarat forest department.
  • The two ZSL and forest department have entered into memorandum of understanding for the protection of Asiatic lion and its habitat which was inked on Thursday.
  • The forest officials said that the ZSL which has expertise in managing the zoo will provide its technical assistance to the state not only to manage its rescue and treatment centres but also to manage the Sakarbaugh Zoo.
  • Principal Chief Conservator of Forest CN Pandey said that the ZSL has not only expertise in managing the zoos, but they also have managed Asiatic lions successfully for 40 years. The still have three lions.


US Federal Communications Commission approved Net Neutrality Rules to protect Open Internet

  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States (US) on 26 February 2015 voted to implement the Net Neutrality Rules.
  • In the five-member FCC, three commissioners voted in favour of rules whereas two commissioners voted against it. The Rules were proposed by the FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.
  • The rules seek to make sure that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the US treat all legal content equally so as to preserve the Internet as a platform for innovation, free expression and economic growth.

FBI announced 3 million US dollar award for information on Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev

  • Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev, one of the world’s most prolific cyber criminal from Russia, was in news recently.
  • He was in news because the US State Department, the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on 24 February 2015 announced a reward of 3 million US dollars for information on him. Bogachev, currently is one of the FBI’s most wanted criminal.
  • Gameover ZeuS is a peer-to-peer botnet based on components from the earlier ZeuS trojan. It is believed to have been spread through use of the Cutwail botnet.
  • According to a report by Symantec, Gameover Zeus has largely been used for banking fraud and distribution of the CryptoLocker ransomware.

Parliament of Jamaica passed a law to decriminalise marijuana for personal use

  • Parliament of Jamaica on 25 February 2015 passed a law to decriminalise the possession of small amount of marijuana up to 57 grams for personal use.
  • Marijuana is widely grown in Jamaica and has cultural roots there. The country is also the biggest exporter of marijuana to the United States among Caribbean countries.

US blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh

  • A prominent US blogger has been hacked to death and his wife seriously injured in Bangladesh by unknown attackers, days after receiving threats from Islamists for writing against religious fundamentalism.
  • Avijit Roy, 44, had come to the country on February 16 to attend the a book fair where three of his books have been published this year. He was to fly back to the US on March 4, said his younger brother Anujit Roy.
  • Roy, a Bangladesh-born US citizen, was killed and his wife, Rafida Ahmed Bonna, was seriously injured in the attack yesterday.
  • Roy recently received threats from militants for his progressive books and blog posts, Dhaka Tribune reported.


AB De Villiers hits fastest ODI 150 in South Africa World Cup win

  • AB de Villiers hit the fastest ever 150 in one-day internationals as South Africa condemned West Indies to a crushing 257-run defeat in Sydney.
  • De Villiers took 64 deliveries to reach 150, beating the previous best, set by Australia's Shane Watson, by 19 balls.
  • He finished 162 not out from 66 balls as South Africa made 408-5, the second-highest total in World Cups.
  • Imran Tahir took 5-45 as West Indies were 151 all out to equal the heaviest World Cup defeat by runs.
  • Only last month, De Villiers hit the fastest-ever ODI hundred against the same team in Johannesburg, from 31 balls.
  • In that same innings, South Africa's captain also set the record for the fastest fifty in ODIs, from 16 balls.

The records in full
  1. AB de Villiers scored the fastest 150 in one-day internationals, from 64 balls. It beat the previous best by 19 balls
  2. De Villiers's 52-ball ton was the second-fastest in World Cups. Ireland's Kevin O'Brien made a 50-ball ton against England in 2011
  3. De Villiers's 73 from the last five overs was the most by a batsman in this period of a one-day international
  4. South Africa's 408-5 was the highest team total in one-day internationals by any side in Australia
  5. South Africa's total was the second-highest in World Cups. India made 413-5 against Bermuda in 2007
  6. West Indies seamer Jason Holder conceded the most runs in a 10-over spell in World Cups, finishing with 1-104
  7. Holder conceded the most runs in two consecutive overs in one-day internationals - 64
  8. South Africa's 257-run victory was the joint-biggest by runs in World Cups, equalling India's win over Bermuda in 2007


Justice Amitava Roy sworn in as Supreme Court judge

  • Justice Amitava Roy was sworn in as a judge of the Supreme Court (SC) on 27 February 2015. Prior to this, he served as the Chief Justice of Odisha High Court.
  • With his elevation, the strength of the SC judges has gone up to 29. SC has a sectioned strength of 31 judges.
  • He will have tenure of three years.
  • On 2 January 2013, he was appointed as Chief Justice of the Rajasthan High Court.

Gopinath Pillai appointed as Special Envoy to Andhra Pradesh by Singapore government

  • Singapore government on 26 February 2015 appointed Gopinath Pillai as its special envoy to Andhra Pradesh. Pillai, a senior policy strategist, was appointed to speed up construction of new capital in the state.
  • Pillai’s appointment as special envoy to Andhra Pradesh was announced by Singapore’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Law K. Shanmugam and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu at the secretariat in capital Hyderabad.

Kshatrapati Shivaji takes over as new CMD of SIDBI

  • Kshatrapati Shivaji, a 1986 batch IAS officer, has taken over as the Chairman and Managing Director of Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI).
  • Shivaji has been appointed on deputation basis for a period of three years from the date of his taking over the charge, a Finance Ministry release said.
  • Shivaji is currently Principal Secretary (Expenditure), Finance Department in Maharashtra government.

Download Daily Current Affairs PDF From Here:

Books For 2015 Banking/Insurance Exams

Economic Survey of India 2014-15 PDF

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a complete PDF of Economic Survey of India 2014-15. This PDF is created for the purpose of helping the aspirants in IBPS Clerk 2015, IBPS PO 2015 and All the Insurance, SBI bank examinations.

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Books For 2015 Banking/Insurance Exams

Detailed Syllabus of NICL Assistant 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is the detailed syllabus of NICL Assistant 2015. The national insurance co limited issued the notification of recruitment of 1000.

NICL Assistant Exam will consist 5 categories containing 40 questions carrying 50 marks each section:

Quantitative Aptitude -

  • One or Two very Easy DI might come
  • Time & Work
  • Time & Distance
  • Simple & Compound Interest
  • Number Series
  • Percentage
  • Simplification
  • Number System
  • Profit Loss
  • Average
  • Ratio & Proportion

Reasoning -

  • Seating Arrangements
  • Blood Relations
  • Puzzle Test
  • Coding & Decoding
  • Syllogism
  • Number and Alphanumeric Series
  • Statements and Conclusions
  • Statement and Arguments

English Language - 

  • Cloze Test
  • Comprehension
  • Spot The Error
  • Sentence Rearrangements
  • Fill In the Blanks

General Awareness - 
  • Current Affairs, 
  • Insurance Awareness, 
  • Geographical GK, 
  • Banking Awareness, 
  • Banking and Insurance Terms.

How to Study Current Affairs?

How to study in General Awareness?

Computer Knowledge - 
  • History of Computer Development, 
  • Types of Computer, 
  • Computer Languages, 
  • Computer Arithmetic, 
  • Computer Hardware,
  • Computer Software,  
  • Computer Network,
  • Internet etc.


Team ExamPundit

Books For 2015 Banking/Insurance Exams

Railway Budget 2015-16 Quiz - Set 1

1. As per Railway Budget 2015-16, Daily passenger carrying capacity is expected to increase from 21 million to ____ million over the five years.
(a) 26
(b) 30
(c)  31
(d) 25
(e) None of them

2. For Information Technology and Research Purpose, How much amount is proposed for investment? (In Crores)
(a) `5000
(b) `2500
(c)  `10800
(d) `7500
(e) `8000

3. In rail-budget 2015-16, Suresh Prabhu coined a term “KayaKalp”. What is KayaKalp?
(a) Council for Business Re-Engineering
(b) Council for Innovation in Indian Railways
(c)  Council for Technological Improvisation in Services
(d) Both (a) and (b)
(e) Both (a) and (c)

4. As per the announcement in Railway Budget 2015-16, Passengers can book tickets 120 days before. Earlier it was how many days limit?
(a) 90 days
(b) 75 days
(c)  45 days
(d) 60 days
(e) None of them

5. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu proposed the lowest operating ratio in nine years. What is the proposed operating ratio for 2015-16? (In percentage)
(a) 88.5
(b) 80.5
(c)  78.5
(d) 86.5
(e) None of them

6. As per the Railway Budget 2015-16, how many kms of gauge conversion will be commissioned?
(a) 880
(b) 750
(c)  800
(d) 900
(e) 650

7. What is the goal percentage for track length expansion over next five years?
(a) 35%
(b) 40%
(c)  20%
(d) 25%
(e) 15%

8. What is the proposed investment amount for Passenger Amenities? (In Crores)
(a) `10200
(b) `12500
(c)  `8500
(d) `7500
(e) None of the above

9. How many satellite railway stations are announced to be developed in 2015-16?
(a) 25
(b) 15
(c)  8
(d) 10
(e) More than 25

10. Indian Railways signed a memorandum of understanding with which university(s) to set up Railway Innovation and Technology Centre for Railway Engineering training purpose?
(a) Delhi University
(b) Jadavpur University
(c)  Pune University
(d) Mumbai University
(e) Both (c) and (d)

11. What is the total amount for Proposed Investment Plan in the period 2015-2019?
(a) `7,56,020
(b) `10,56,020
(c)  `12,56,020
(d) `9,56,020
(e) `8,56,020

12. Suresh Prabhu gave numerous thrust areas in railway budget to improve ________.
(a) quality of life in train journeys
(b) security of women in train journeys
(c)  internet connectivity and food
(d) speed of trains across the country
(e) e-services in railway

13. How many thrust areas were given by Suresh Prabhu in railway budget 2015-16?
(a) 12
(b) 15
(c)  11
(d) 14
(e) 13

14. Which railway network was chosen as a model for promotion of tourism in Railway Budget 2015-16?
(a) Nilgiri Mountain Railway
(b) Konkan Railway
(c)  Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
(d) Kalka-Shimla Railway
(e) Both (a) and (c)

15. Railway Minister announced 200 more stations to come under Adarsh Station scheme. Who launched the Adarsh Station Scheme?
(a) Nitish Kumar
(b) Mamata Banerjee
(c)  Ram Naik
(d) Dinesh Trivedi
(e) Ram Vilas Paswan

Important For: IBPS PO 2015, IBPS Clerk 2015, Insurance Exams in 2015.

Download the Railway Budget 2015-16 PDF from here.

Books For 2015 Banking/Insurance Exams

Reasoning Quiz Set 5 - Feb, 2015

Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below: In a certain code language ‘this is right answer’ is written as ‘tu do zu yz’,‘answer is in question’ is written as ‘pc do yz pq’ and ‘what is the question’ is written as ‘jo pc do xi’.

1. What is the code for ‘right’?
(a) pq
(b) zu
(c) zy
(d) None of these
(e) Can’t be determined

2. What may be the code for ‘what is right question’?
(a) jo zu do pc
(b) tu pc do xi
(c) tujo do pc
(d) pc zu xi do
(e) Any one of the above

3. ‘pc’ is the code for
(a) answer
(b) question
(c) what
(d) None of these
(e) Can’t be determined

4. What is the code for ‘this’?
(a) zu
(b) tu
(c) xi
(d) Either zu or tu
(e) None of these

5. What is the code for ‘is’?
(a) do
(b) zy
(c) xi
(d) None of these
(e) Can’t be determined

Important For: IBPS PO 2015, IBPS Clerk 2015, Insurance AO, Insurance Assistant

Books For 2015 Banking/Insurance Exams

Oriental Insurance Apply Link Activated

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit.  The Oriental Insurance Company Limited detailed notification for recruitment of 246 (Two Hundred Forty Six) Officers in Scale I cadre from open market.
Please note the Important Dates:
Publication of Advertisement in Employment News
On line Registration commences from
Last Date for Online Registration
Payment of Application fees
27.02.2015 - 20.03.2015
Dates of online Examination
Tentatively in May 2015

Candidates should apply through On-Line mode only. No other means/mode of application will be accepted.

No. of Posts






Before joining as probationer, the selected candidates will be required to give
an undertaking to serve the Company for a minimum period of four years including the probation period. In the event of their resigning from the Company before the expiry of the bond period, they will be liable to pay liquidated damages equivalent to one year’s gross salary paid to them during the year of probation which could be proportionately reduced depending on the length of service rendered. Besides, he/she will have to submit a stamped Bond duly executed by two sureties (not blood relatives), of sound financial standing for an amount equivalent to one year’s gross salary.

Emoluments & Benefits

Basic pay of Rs.17,240/- in the scale of Rs.17,240-840(14)-29,000-910(4)-32640 and other admissible allowance as applicable. Total emoluments will be approximately Rs.36,000/- p.m. in Metropolitan Centers. Other benefits such as Pension under New Pension system governed by PFRDA, Gratuity, LTS, Medical Benefits, Group Personal Accident Insurance etc. shall be as per rules. The Officers are also entitled for Company’s / leased accommodation as per norms. The salary scales are under revision with effect from August 2012.
Educational Qualification (as on 28.02.2015)

  • Candidate should possess certificate in proof of passing the qualifying examination as on 28.02.2015.
  • For Generalist Stream, a candidate must possess the minimum qualification of a Degree in any discipline from a recognized University OR any equivalent qualification recognized as such by Central Government.
  • For Specialist Stream a candidate must possess the minimum qualification of Degree in the relevant discipline from a recognized University OR any equivalent qualification recognized as such by Central Government:

The minimum Educational Qualifications required for various disciplines are:

Minimum Qualification
Chartered Accountant (ICAI) / B. Com / M. Com
Graduate in Law.
Graduate in any stream.
Post Graduate Degree in Mathematics / Statistics / Actuarial
Graduation and pass in at least 04 papers of the examination conducted by Actuarial Society of India
MBA (Marketing / Sales)

a)    Qualifications mentioned above should be from any of the recognized Indian Universities duly approved by the UGC or any of the recognized Indian Institutes duly approved by AICTE.
b)    Preference will be given to candidates having post qualification experience in their area of specialization. Company’s decision in this regard shall be final.

c)     The candidate must possess valid Mark-sheet / Degree Certificate of the necessary qualification as on 28.02.2015.

Oriental Insurance has activated the apply link.

Click Here to Apply >>


Team ExamPundit

Books For 2015 Banking/Insurance Exams