Daily Word List - Set 28

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is the 28th Set of Daily Word List to boost up your vocabulary.

1. Unalloyed:  completely genuine.
Example:  My best friend announced her unalloyed happiness for my engagement.

2. Vigil:  period of keeping awake during normal sleeping hours, especially to keep watch or pray.
Example:  Part of his nightly vigil was kneeling down at the foot of his bed in prayer.

3. Wary:  caution; guarded; careful.
Example: One of the most important lessons that parents must teach young children is to always be wary of strangers.

4. Zest: a great amount of enthusiasm
Example: Kate's zest for running keeps her very active.

5. Supersede: to replace someone or something.
Example:  In time, the features of the smartphone may supersede those of the personal computer.

6. Surmount: to conquer a problem or obstacle.
Example: Good teachers encourage students to surmount their challenges.

7. Repugnant: repulsive or offensive
Example:  The smell was completely repugnant to the pregnant woman.

8. Desist: to stop doing something
Example: The document from the court orders the magazine to desist from publishing false stories about the actor.

9. Bureaucracy:  a method of business or government in which red tape processes are used to delay action
Example:  The bureaucracy of the legislative government is delaying the passage of much needed educational funding.

10. Relinquish:  to give up, abandon.
Example:  If you relinquish your right to an attorney, it could lead to some serious difficulty when you go before the judge.


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