Daily Word List - Set 27

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is the 27th set of Daily Word List.

1. Abruptly:  suddenly; without notice.
Example: Without warning, my boss abruptly fired me.

2. Catharsis:  the process of releasing strong emotions and feelings.
Example:  Crying is a great catharsis for releasing pain and anger.

3. Wretched:  incredibly miserable.
Example:  The migraine made Cathy feel wretched.

4. Serene: calm; peaceful.
Example: The quiet beach made a serene setting for the midnight wedding.

5. Xenophobia:  a dread or dislike of anything or anyone foreign, especially people from other cultures and races.
Example:  The dog’s xenophobia causes him to bark at everyone he does not know.

6. Redress:  to make something right or the payment for a wrong.
Example:  If Jim is not paid the money he is owed, he will go to court to seek redress.

7. Elegiac:  communicating mourning or sorrow
Example: The elegiac poem brought everyone to tears during the funeral.

8. Travesty:  a false or distorted representation of something, usually of something serious.
Example:  It would be a travesty of justice to put an innocent man in jail.

9. Repose:  a state of rest, sleep, or tranquility.
Example:  Not wishing to disturb whatever might be lying in repose, the troop tiptoed past the cave.

10. Venial:  capable of being excused.
Example:  Because the principal felt the boys had committed a venial offense, he only gave them a light punishment.


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