Daily Word List - Set 22

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is the 22nd set of Daily Word List.

1. Gaudy: so showy that it is unattractive.
Example: Ram’s wife was determined to buy the gaudy furniture with the colorful floral pattern.

2. Humility: the state in which one does not view himself as being better than others.
Example: The king bowed to the commoner who saved his life in an ultimate display of humility.

3. Lurid: full of unpleasant details that are meant to shock or interest people.
Example: The lurid accusations Geeta made about Arjun caused him to lose his job.

4. Imperative: essential.
Example:  It’s imperative that every member of the team is able to get along with all his teammates.

5. Impinge: to produce an effect, usually an unwanted one.
Example: Arun’s excessive gambling has started to impinge upon his ability to pay bills.

6. Masticate: to chomp with teeth; chew.
Example: My mother told me to never talk while I masticate my food.

7. Niche:  a unique field or market.
Example:  When Suresh won the writing contest, he realized he had found his niche in literature.

8. Obtrude: to interrupt in an unpleasant manner.
Example: Please silence your phones so they do not obtrude upon our meeting.

9. Paucity: a small amount of something that is not enough.
Example: Because of the paucity of our oil supply, we need to seek out other fuel resources.

10.  Reign: the timespan during which an individual or government is in power.
Example: A few years ago, the queen celebrated her fifty-year reign as the monarch of her country.


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