Interview Experience - IBPS RRB Office Assistant - Maharashtra

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is an Interview Experience shared by Sandhya from Maharashtra of IBPS RRB Office Assistant 2015.

Time 8.30 am

document verification taken almost 3 to 3.30 hrs

Here the moment comes..

On panel...3 Male and 1 Female

Me: May I come in pls

All: plz come in with warm welcome..(Felt awesome)

Asked me to sit

M1: Give your intro..given..see satisfied

M1: Had breakfast?..

Me: no....they offered me some biscuits.. J ..taken 1

M1: Kheti hai aapki?

Me:no sir

M1:(Looking surprised..)so..whats your fathers prof.

answered.. Do you have any bank account


M1: asked interest I was not knwing it..All started asking me different rates ..I fumbled a bit

again M1: Whats fixed deposit and its duration


M1: who decides these rates? Is it same for all? said asked If not den how it goes

M2 started: he was Looking angry.. L

what’s diff between rrbs and credit co. societies...answered. Didn’t seem satisfied.

M2: which type of info outlets u see at bank..

M2: What provisions are there if one does not pay interest

Me: NPAs?

M2: yes ..

Me: sir SARFESI Act. Don’t know y but fumbled in its full form(M1 helped me here J )

M2: what if any farmer didn’t repay your loan..kya uski zameen cheenloge?

Me: no sir..n told him abt ..NPA  which is diff for agi loans..1 crop sesn n 2 crop seasns..

M2: tab bhi nahi hua to??

Me: sorry sir I don’t know

M3: asked some different que.asked.....U must be knwing abt third gender ppl..

me: yes

M3: Which facilities are provided by banks to them

With M3 it was normal communication rather than so called question answer session..

M3: why all you engg. coming in this field. Felt like..why he is saying like this..


Now it’s the Lady who starts with Big smile

F: asked something which M not able to recall right now. Even I failed to answer this to her

F: Asked me about Sukanya Samriddhi scheme...details..

Me: explained well

Asked fellow members if anyone wanted to ask something. Everyone said No.

All said; thank you..and All the very Best. Again all smiling.

Greeted thank u

When I was about leave they started discussing about my intro...but didn’t turned back....

That’s all my Friends. All the very Best.

Just be Yourself n Keep yourself cool :)


Team ExamPundit


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